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The MagPi
Chief Editor / Administrator Ash Stone
Frequency monthly
First issue May 2012 (2012-05)
Language English

The MagPi is a free[1] fanzine for users of the Raspberry Pi computer. It was created by the community[2][3][4] and is not an official Raspberry Pi publication.[5] It was launched in May 2012[6] and contains news and ideas.[7]


Writing in LinuxNov at the time of the launch, Mohamed Hussein considered it to be "really worth" downloading for its informative and helpful content.[8] The first issue was found by Harry Fairhead in I Programmer to be uninspiring, with the lack of hardware available to writers being noted. However, he did consider it to be a "venture worth supporting" in the longer term.[5]

Writing in The Wall Street Journal's Tech Europe blog, Ben Rooney described the magazine as having a "comforting nostalgic feel" but questioned whether this would appeal to a new generation of programmers.[9]


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