The Magnificent Yankee (1965 film)

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For other uses, see The Magnificent Yankee.
The Magnificent Yankee
Genre Drama
Created by Emmet Lavery (play)
Directed by George Schaefer
Written by Robert Hartung (screenplay)
Starring Alfred Lunt
Lynn Fontanne
Jordan Charney
Grover Dale
James Daly
Robert Emhardt
Eduard Franz
William Griffis
Country  United States
Language English
Release date 28 January 1965
"The Magnificent Yankee"
Hallmark Hall of Fame episode
Episode no. Season 14
Episode 3
Production code 203
Original air date 28 January 1965
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Other World of Winston Churchill"
Next →
"The Holy Terror (1965 Film)"
Episode list

The Magnificent Yankee is a 1965 biographical film in the Hallmark Hall of Fame television anthology series. The film was adapted by Robert Hartung from the Emmet Lavery play of the same title, which was in-turn adapted from the book Mr. Justice Holmes by Francis Biddle. The story examines the life of United States Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne won Emmy Awards for their performances.[1] Noel Taylor received an Emmy Award nomination for his costume design, and Warren Clymer received an Emmy for scenic design.

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