The Mark Thomas Comedy Product

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The Mark Thomas Comedy Product
Format Documentary, comedy
Starring Mark Thomas
Country of origin UK
No. of series 6
No. of episodes 45
Producer(s) Geoff Atkinson
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Vera Productions Ltd.
Original channel Channel 4
Original run 23 February 1996 – May 2002

The Mark Thomas Comedy Product was a television show fronted by the English comedian, presenter, political activist and reporter, Mark Thomas. It was broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 from February 1996 to May 2002.

The show, described as "a brilliantly ludicrous alternative to Watchdog",[1] was a hybrid of comedy and serious politics, with Thomas often using silly or surreal methods to gain interviews with politicians and corporations and to highlight issues.

Episode guide[edit]

Series Episode Title Synopsis
1 1 "Bear Necessities"
2 "McDonalds and Mad Saddam"
3 "Parliament!"
4 "Tours of London"
5 "MI6 and Birching Young Offenders"
6 "Show in a flat"
Series Episode Title Synopsis
2 1 "Campbell, Fayed and Straw"
2 "Church Money"
3 "Sellafield and Mice"
4 "Virgin Trains"
5 "Lottery"
6 "CEWA and Dome"
Series Episode Title Synopsis
3 1 "Arms Fair"
2 "Indonesian Torture"
3 "Geoffrey Robinson"
4 "Local Referendums"
5 "Nuclear Trains"
6 "Company Directors"
7 "Menwith Hill"
8 "Updates"
9 "Special Report: Asylum and Immigration Bill"
Series Episode Title Synopsis
4 1 "Burma & Premier Oil"
2 "Iraqi Sanctions"
3 "Nestle"
4 "Aldermaston AWE"
5 "ECGD"
6 "David Shayler"
7 "PPL human Milk Production"
8 "Xenotransplantation"
9 "ECGD (Ilisu Dam)"
10 "Government Accountability"
11 "Series Updates"
Series Episode Title Synopsis
5 1 "CCTV & the Data Protection Act"
2 "MEP's Interests"
3 "Michael Meacher"
4 "Pester Power"
5 "Balfour Beatty"
6 "Tube Privatisation"
7 "Series Updates"
Series Episode Title Synopsis
6 1 "Organophosphates"
2 "Drug Dumping"
3 "Corporate Killing"
4 "Yusufeli Dam"
5 "Quango State"
6 "Arms Dealing"


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