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Mars Initiative
Founded August, 2011
Founder Mina Mukhar, MBA; Stephen M Bassett, MBA; Gary Stephenson

- Non-profit Organization,

- 501(c)(3)
Focus Space advocacy, Space Exploration, Human mission to Mars, Exploration of Mars, and Colonization of Mars
Area served Intergalactic
Product Escrow Account
Volunteers 150+
Slogan A Public Fund for a Human Mars Mission!

Mars Initiative, led by Mina Mukhar, is a publicly funded international non-profit organization focused on space advocacy, space exploration, and the promotion of a human mission to Mars including exploration of Mars and the colonization of Mars.[1]

Mars Initiative seeks to be a primary source of funding for the first entity responsible for successfully launching the first human mission to Mars to develop the first human settlement on the planet Mars.[2]

The organization aims to propel private spaceflight into development quickly by incentivizing, spacecraft manufacturers, and other private enterprises to collaborate and focus on the delivery of a comprehensive human mission to Mars by offering them a generous subsidy for reaching all stated objectives.[3]


Mars Initiative has established ties with the following Space Advocacy Organizations:

Both Bruce Mackenzie and Frank Stratford sit on the Board of Directors of Mars Initiative[6]

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