The Marsh (film)

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The Marsh
Directed by Jordan Barker
Written by Michael Stokes
Starring Gabrielle Anwar
Justin Louis
Forest Whitaker
Release dates
May 18, 2006
Country United States
Language English
Budget $7 million

The Marsh is a 2006 Film directed by Jordan Barker and written by Michael Stokes. The horror film's tagline is:

You can bury the past, but sometimes the past won't stay buried...


A troubled young writer finds herself embroiled in a supernatural mystery... one she must solve or die.

The successful children's writer Claire Holloway is troubled by scary nightmares and is under psychological treatment. While working out watching television, she sees the landscape of the Rose Marsh Farm in the Westmoreland County, and she notes that the farmhouse is linked to her nightmares. She decides to spend her vacation in the farm, which is located nearby a swamp, and she is haunted by the ghosts of a little girl and a teenage boy inside the house. She is befriended by the local publisher and historian Noah Pitney but after a sequence of disturbing visions, she decides to contact the paranormal consultant Geoffry Hunt. Together, they investigate the mystery and disclose a tragedy that happened in the farm about twenty years ago.

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