The Master of Tai Chi (TV series)

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The Master of Tai Chi
TC title.jpg
The Maste of Tai Chi intertitle
Genre Period drama
Martial arts
Written by Au Koon-ying
Lee Yee-wah
Directed by Raymond Chai
Starring Vincent Zhao
Raymond Lam
Melissa Ng
Myolie Wu
Kenneth Ma
Selena Li
Paul Chun
David Chiang
Derek Kok
Opening theme Tai Chi (太極)
Ending theme Fau Sang Yeuk Sui (浮生若水) by Raymond Lam
Composer(s) Tang Chi-wai
Tam Tin-lok
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 25
Executive producer(s) Tommy Leung
Raymond Chai
Location(s) Hong Kong
Jianshui County, Yunnan
Kunming, Yunnan
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time 45 minutes (each)
Production company(s) TVB
Original channel Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original run 25 February – 28 March 2008
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Production website

The Master of Tai Chi (Traditional Chinese: 太極) is a Hong Kong martial arts television drama that aired on Jade and HD Jade from 25 February to 28 March 2008. Produced by Tommy Leung and Raymond Chai, The Master of Tai Chi is a TVB production. The drama was filmed in early 2006, and is the station's first high-definition series that was ever produced.

This is TVB's custom-made series for kung-fu icon Vincent Zhao. At the request of Zhao, the main character's name has been changed from 'Wen Zhiu' to 'Mo Ma'.


It demonstrates the philosophy of the way,
It shows the path to wisdom and harmony,
A master is here to teach the essence of Tai Chi!

Orphaned as a child, Mo Ma (Vincent Zhao) grew up in the country and started learning Tai Chi from his mentor at a very young age. The devastating experience of being abandoned by his mother and eventually his mentor as well has left him twisted and full of hatred. After a series of events that leads to his house being burnt down in the village, his best friend Mai Fung-Nin (Kenneth Ma) and him joins the army. After yet another series of events, they saved Yin Chi-Kwai (Myolie Wu) and Yin Chui-Kiu (Selena Li) and travelled to the capital together. In the capital, another series of events leads Mo Ma to be reunited to his mentor and he starts learning Tai Chi from his mentor seriously.

Throughout the series, Mo Ma and his friends will experience many injustice that is planned by the Mayor's Assistant and the Head Police Officer aided by Lui Yau-Ngo (Derek Kok). The relationships of each character in the series will change and evolve as well especially between Mou Ma and Song Ching (Melissa Ng), Mai Fung-Nin and Yin Chui-Kiu and lastly between Yin Chi-Kwai and Tuen Hiu-Sing (Raymond Lam), Mo Ma's rival.


Cast Role Description
Vincent Zhao Mo Ma
Kwan San-Yuet's student.
Melissa Ng Song Ching
Mai Fung-Lin's fiance. Mo Ma's love interest
Raymond Lam Tuen Hiu-Sing
Chong Lung Pai (蒼龍派) Head Master
Yin Chi-Kwai's lover.
Mo Ma's rival.
Myolie Wu Yin Chi-Kwai
Yin Chui-Kiu's sister.
Tuen Hiu-Sing's lover.
Kenneth Ma Mai Fung-Nin
Restaurant Owner
Mo Ma's best friend.
Yin Chiu-Kiu's husband.
Selena Li Yin Chui-Kiu
Yin Chi-Kwai's sister.
Mai Fung-Lin's wife.
Paul Chun Tuen Tai-Bak
Chong Lung Pai (蒼龍派) Ex-Head Master
Tuen Hiu-Sing's father.
Lau Siu Ming (劉兆銘) Kwan San-Yuet
Mo Ma's mentor.
Power Chan Ma Keung
Chong Lung Pai (蒼龍派) Eldest Student
Derek Kok Lui Yau-Ngo
Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) So Hung-Ling
Lui Yau-Ngo's lover.
David Chiang Mo Jik
Mo Ma's father.
Ellesmere Choy (蔡子健) Chai Kei Hak-Yeung
Tuen Hiu-Sing's best friend/classmate.
Wilson Tsui (艾威) Chai Wai
Head Police Officer

Viewership ratings[edit]

Week Episode Average Points Peaking Points References
February 25–29, 2008 1 — 5
March 3–7, 2008 6 — 10
March 10–14, 2008 11 — 15
March 17–21, 2008 16 — 20
March 24–28, 2008 21 — 25

Awards and nominations[edit]

41st TVB Anniversary Awards (2008)

  • "Best Drama"
  • "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" (Kenneth Ma - Mai Fung-Nin)


External links[edit]

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