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The McCalmans were a folk song trio from Scotland. Formed in 1964, they recorded and toured without interruption up until they disbanded in December 2010.

Their performance was based on searing three part harmony, humour and a respect for the tradition of song in Scotland.

They have performed all over Europe, and in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, Kenya, Belize and even the Falkland Islands.

In their native Scotland, they had six major TV series and countless BBC Network Radio series and appearances.

They produced some 22 LPs and CDs, not counting re-issues and compilations.

The McCalmans had five members in their history. Ian McCalman (born 1.9.1946, in Edinburgh), Hamish Bayne (born in Nairobi) and Derek Moffat (born near Dundee) were the original members. Hamish left the band in 1982 and was replaced by Nick Keir. Derek died as a result of cancer in 2001, and was replaced by long-term friend of the band Stephen Quigg.

All three members have separate projects. Ian runs a very successful recording studio, and Stephen and Nick work as soloists. Nick is also involved in acting and film-making.

The band toured extensively in the UK and in Denmark, Germany and Holland.

In 2010 the group disbanded because Ian decided to retire. Their final gig was at 'Queens Hall' an Edinburgh on December 10.

The other two 'Macs', Nick and Stephen, continued as a duo additionally to their solo projects, until Nick's untimely death due to cancer on 2nd June 2013.


  • All In One Mind (1968)
  • McCalmans' Folk (1968)
  • Singers Three (1969)
  • Turn Again (1970)
  • No Strings Attached (1971)
  • An Audience With The McCalmans (1973)
  • Smuggler (1975)
  • Full House (1976)
  • Side By Side By Side (1977)
  • Burn The Witch (1978)
  • The Best of (1979)
  • The Ettrick Shepherd (1980)
  • McCalmans Live (1980)
  • At Your Service (1980)
  • Bonnie Bands Again (1982)
  • Ancestral Maneuvers (1984)
  • Macs Records (1986)
  • Peace and Plenty (1986)
  • Listen To The Heat (1988)
  • Flames on The Water (1990)
  • Songs From Scotland (1991)
  • Honest Poverty (1993)
  • In Harmony (1994)
  • Festival Lights (1995)
  • High Ground (1997)
  • Keepers (1999)
  • Where The Sky Meets The Sea (2002)
  • Tangled Web (2004)
  • Scots Abroad (2006)
  • Coming Home (2009)
  • The Greentrax Years (2010)

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