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The Meek
Author(s) Der-Shing Helmer
Launch date 2008-12-27[1]

The Meek is a fantasy webcomic written and drawn by Der-Shing Helmer. The Meek takes place in a fantasy universe and focuses on the protagonist Angora, a young girl with a magical ability to control plants who is trying to reach a place she calls "the center".[2] However, The Meek follows multiple narratives with several different characters from across the world. Each chapter exclusively follows one of these separate narratives. The plot concerns a war that is brewing between several of the world's ethnic clans, notably the Carissi and the Pasori people.[3]

History of series[edit]

The Meek used to update once or twice a week. The last update was on November 14, 2012, and the comic has since gone on a hiatus. It is also translated into Russian, French, and Slovene.[4]

Der-Shing Helmer is a trained biologist and tutor,[5] and writes The Meek in her spare time.[3] Helmer says she draws inspiration from biology when designing the world of The Meek.[6][7]

The Meek is merchandised and published through 4th Dimension Entertainment, a publishing company in Carmichael, Northern California.[8]


  • Angora - The protagonist, a naive teenage girl who lives in a jungle.
  • Luca - An emperor and leader of a group of people called the Pasori.
  • Pinter - A wandering, alcoholic cartographer who meets Angora and, out of concern for her safety, travels with her.


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