The Michael Richards Show

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The Michael Richards Show
Created by Spike Feresten
Gregg Kavet
Michael Richards
Andy Robin
Starring Michael Richards
William Devane
Tim Meadows
Bill Cobbs
Amy Farrington
Country of origin USA
No. of episodes 9 (1 unaired)
Running time 30 Minutes
Production company(s) Castle Rock Entertainment
Original channel NBC
Original release October 24, 2000 – December 19, 2000

The Michael Richards Show is a sitcom that debuted on NBC in 2000. The show starred Michael Richards as reality-challenged but successful private detective Vic Nardozza who gets the job done despite his unconventional methods.


After his previous show, Seinfeld, stopped production, Michael Richards reteamed with three former Seinfeld writers/producers in a comedy caper about a private eye in Los Angeles. When originally conceived, Richards wanted to differentiate his character from Kramer, the role he immortalized on Seinfeld. However, the network disagreed and decided that the character would share characteristics with his previous role.[citation needed] The show received generally negative reviews and was cancelled within two months due to poor ratings.[citation needed]

Show summary[edit]

The show is about Vic Nardozza (Michael Richards), a lanky and clumsy private investigator working for McKay Investigative Services. Throughout the show, misunderstandings and screw-ups get in the way of the cases, but Nardozza always ends up getting the job done.

The character Nardozza was named after Richards' own mother, Phyllis Nardozzi.[1]

Episode list[edit]

Title Original airdate Episode # Production code
"Pilot" Unaired Pilot 245301
"Mr. Irresistible" October 24, 2000 1 245302
"Simplification" October 31, 2000 2 245304
"Discrimination" November 14, 2000 3 245306
"The Identity Loan" November 21, 2000 4 245303
"The Nursing Home" November 28, 2000 5 245307
"It's Only Personal" December 5, 2000 6 245305
"USA Toy" December 12, 2000 7 245308
"The Consultant" December 19, 2000 8 245309

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