The Miller's Daughter (1934 film)

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The Miller's Daughter (1934 film)
Merrie Melodies series
Directed by Friz Freleng
Produced by Leon Schlesinger Studios
Music by Norman Spencer
Animation by Rollin Hamilton, Charles M. Jones
Studio Warner Bros.
Release date(s)
  • October 13, 1934 (1934-10-13)
Color process Black and White
Running time 7 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Miller's Daughter is a 1934 American animated short film by Friz Freleng, the seventh in the Merrie Melodies series.


A cat trying to eat a caged bird knocks over a ceramic figurine of a young girl, breaking it. A woman gathers the pieces and puts them in a bin in the attic. The matching boy figurine comes to life, and he and his lamb go to rescue their companion. After he glues her back together, they dance to a medley including "The Miller's Daughter" by Lou Handman and Al Bryan, a Cuban instrumental, and the Blue Danube Waltz. After a lion figurine comes to life and tries to eat the lamb, they escape back downstairs, breaking a table lamp in the process. The cat gets blamed by the woman for the broken lamp.

According to animation historian Michael Barrier the film is "rich in production values" and is similar to The China Shop, released by Disney as part of the Silly Symphonies earlier that year.[1]


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