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The Miniatures Page, also known as TMP, is an online community for wargamers, miniature gamers and collectors. Beginning as a small miniature wargaming Internet magazine, it has become a much larger virtual community of wargamers.

TMP was created in 1994 by Bill Armintrout, the former editor-in-chief and art director at Steve Jackson Games (GURPS), designer and project lead for Ultima VII, Part II, The Serpent Isle computer game; designer of Pacific Strike computer game.

The page includes a miniatures directory.

The Miniatures Page members include gamers, painters, collectors, retailers, game designers, sculptors, authors, and historians, whose interests cover historical, fantasy, and science fiction gaming and figures. With discussions dedicated to promoting the hobby through distributing industry news, product reviews, “how to” articles, convention promotion, and historical discussion.

The Miniatures Page is listed in the links page of the Society of Ancients as a 'very thorough wargaming site'[1] and in the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society links page as an 'excellent catalog of miniatures and manufacturers'.[2]

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