The Mondrians

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The Mondrians
Origin Lausanne, Monthey, Vevey
Genres Garage rock, Pop, Indie
Years active 2005 to Present
Labels Le Son du Maquis, (FR) Irascible (CH)
Associated acts Buvette, The Awkwards, Marilou
Members Maxime Antoine Martin
Alric Marchand
Louis Bernard Morisod
Laurent Kung
Past members Cedric Streuli

The Mondrians are a four-piece indie rock band from Switzerland. The band formed in the summer of 2005 after recording their first four-track home-made demo, including the songs "Pearl Of The Lake" and "The Shout."

Before recording an album, the Mondrians spent three years on the road, touring Switzerland, France, and the United Kingdom. They played in the Paléo and Eurockéennes festivals, among others, and opened for The Kooks in Zurich.[1] In 2007, they recorded a high-quality demo in Bavois. In summer 2008, The Mondrians recorded their first album in Spain with producer Gordon Raphael.[1] The Mondrians' album was released on November 5, 2009,[citation needed] and included the songs Reason to live, Fresh Music and Llew the kid.

In early 2010, Cedric left the band for his solo project, Buvette, and Laurent came on as the new drummer. In that summer, they played at the Café of the Montreux Jazz Festival. At this time, The Mondrians decided to stop playing live shows before recording new materials and 11 new songs were written for an up-coming album. In November 2011, the band released To The Happy Few only in Switzerland, with no label. The album was produced by Swiss producer and sound engineer Benjamin Bard, who had already been working with the band for several years as their live sound engineer. The album received generally good reviews from critics.[2] Pat V from Überreel realised two short videos to announce the album and one for the promo of the song Rainbow.


  • Maxime – guitar, vocals
  • Alric – guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Laurent – drums, keyboards, vocals
  • Louis – bass, vocals

Old member:

  • Cedric – drums, vocals (2004-2010 drummer)


Demo recordings[edit]

  • Pearl Of The Lake (May 2005)
  • Reason To Live (December 2006)[3]
  • Extra-time Monotony (2006)
  • Bavois (2007)



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