The Morgue

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The Morgue
The Morgue film poster
Directed by Halder Gomes
Gerson Sanginitto
Written by Najla Ann-Doori (story & writer)
Andrew Pletcher (writer)
Starring Heather Donahue
Bill Cobbs
Lisa Crilley
Brandon Quinn
Sammy Sheik
Michael Raye
Distributed by Reef Pictures
Lionsgate (DVD)
Language English

The Morgue (2008) is a direct-to-DVD horror film directed by Halder Gomes and Gerson Sanginitto, and written by Najla Ann Al-Doori and Andrew Pletcher.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The protagonist Margo Dey is paying her way through college by working part-time in a morgue. Her only corporeal companion in the long nights at the morgue is George, the night watchman; a man stricken with grief from the loss of his daughter. As the story unfolds more characters, including a frightened young girl—Jill, are introduced.


  • Heather Donahue as Nan
  • Bill Cobbs as George
  • Lisa Crilley as Margo
  • Chris Devlin as Peter
  • Googy Gress as Det. Chet White
  • Brady Matthews as Det. Philip Drake
  • Taylor Lipman as Jill
  • Fred Ochs as Chief Will Malone
  • Brandon Quinn as Jacob
  • Michael Raye as Horace Sparks
  • Sammy Sheik as Samim
  • Chris Torres as Dark Figure

Critical reception[edit]

Allan Dart, writing for Fangoria, found the directors Gomes and Sanginitto went for psychological suspense instead of mere gore, but felt the film was predictable.[1] Dread Central called it "cheap fun, better than expected, but come the next day you'll hardly remember its name."[2]

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