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The Most Honourable

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The prefix The Most Honourable is a title of quality[citation needed] attached to the names of marquesses in the United Kingdom. Certain dignitaries and recipients of honors in Africa are also so styled. For example, Knights and Dames invested in the dynastic orders of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom of Uganda (Royal Order of the Engabu and the Royal Order of the Omujwaara Kondo) are granted the hereditary honorific of "The Most Honourable."

Certain corporate entities also enjoy the prefix, e.g. "Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council".

Governors-General of Jamaica, as well as their spouses, on receipt of the Order of the Nation, are also entitled to be so styled. Past, present and future Prime Ministers of Jamaica and their spouses are also styled upon the Prime Minister's receipt of the Order of the Nation which is given only to Governors-General and Prime Ministers.

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