The Most of Lulu

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The Most of Lulu
Compilation album by Lulu
Released September 1971
Length 31:24
Label MfP
Producer Mickie Most
Lulu chronology
Melody Fair
The Most of Lulu

The Most of Lulu is a compilation album by British pop singer Lulu, released in 1971. It was the first of Lulu's albums to chart in the UK, reaching No.15.[1] It was released on the MfP budget record label, which the following year followed this up with The Most of Lulu Volume 2 - a re-release of 1969's Lulu's Album with one extra track. This compilation featured Lulu's hits from the late 1960s which had been released on the EMI label, therefore missing out her most well-known song "Shout".

The collection was reissued on CD by EMI in 2002 with Lulu's Album.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Side One

  1. "Let's Pretend" (Barnes, Evans) 3:16
  2. "I'm a Tiger" (Scott, Wilde) 2:46
  3. "Love Loves to Love Love" (Levitt, Thomas) 2:04
  4. "You and I" (London) 2:29
  5. "To Sir, With Love" (Black, London) 2:47
  6. "March" (Blaikley, Howard) 2:26

Side Two

  1. "The Boat That I Row" (Diamond) 2:50
  2. "Boom Bang-a-Bang" (Moorhouse, Warne) 2:23
  3. "Without Him" (Nilsson) 2:49
  4. "Me, the Peaceful Heart" (Hazzard) 2:24
  5. "Boy" (Blaikey, Stephens) 2:30
  6. "Dreary Days and Nights" (London) 2:37