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This article is about Grand Cinemas from Western Australia. For Disambiguation, see Grand Cinemas (disambiguation).
The Movie Masters
Grand Cinemas
Ace Cinemas
Type Subsidiary
Industry Cinema
Founded 1990
Headquarters Australia
Products Cinemas

Grand Cinemas and Ace Cinemas are a Western Australian chain of cinema multiplexes. The chain is operated by The Movie Masters cinema group.


The Movie Masters Cinema Group was formed in the 1990s as a co-operative initiative between the locally owned and operated WA cinema companies, Ace and Grand Cinemas. The organisation is based solely in Western Australia.[1]

Ace cinemas logo.png

Ace Cinemas, a Western Australian owned company, was founded as one of Australia’s first drive-in operators in the 1950s. Grand Cinemas (formerly the Grand Theatre Company) was originally formed as a family business in 1928, with a group of cinemas in the city. During the drive-in era, the company relocated to the suburbs, as people no longer wanted to drive in to the city just to see a movie. Grand Cinemas was responsible for the construction of the Cinema City opposite the Perth Town Hall (later operated by Hoyts before its demolition).

In 1994, Grand Cinemas further developed the cinema scene with the launch of their megaplex at Warwick in Western Australia, offering the fist suburban cinema complex in Perth's Northern Suburbs (prior to that patrons had to travel to the Innaloo Greater Union complex.[2]

The Movie Masters brand was initially formed to allow Ace Cinemas and Grand Cinemas to effectively compete against the multi-national exhibition chains, such as Greater Union and Hoyts.[3]

The group currently operates 10 locations.

Cine Gold Lounge[edit]

The Ace Cine Gold Lounge is a luxury cinema located in the two biggest auditoriums at Midland and Rockingham. The concept was revealed in the 1990s when the Midland complex was first opened. The two seating areas are accessed via a private lounge containing a fully licensed bar. Patrons can order food and drinks during a screening. Despite WA law stating that people under 18 can enter a licensed area with a parent and/or guardian present, the company does not allow any one under this age access to the Gold Lounge.


Grand Cinemas[edit]

Ace Cinemas[edit]

  • Subiaco
  • Midland & Midland Cine Gold Lounge
  • Rockingham & Rockingham Cine Gold Lounge

Regional locations[edit]

Ace previously operated cinemas in the regional cities of Kalgoorlie and Busselton, but these were sold in 2007 and 2010 respectively. As of 2011, they are operated by the Orana Cinemas group.[4]

Event Cinemas Sub-lease[edit]

Event Cinemas (formerly Greater Union) had previously ran the cinemas at Lakeside Joondalup and Westfield Whitford City however these have been sub-leased to Grand Cinemas [5]

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