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The Movies were a band formed out of the ashes of The Vehicle Birth (Crank! Records) in early 1999 in Boston.

After playing the first show without a drummer in Boston, the band hooked up with an old friend Stevie Triechel (former Five State Drive, The Aerealist) in Arlington, Virginia. Soon afterwards, the band got four days of studio time at Trans Am's National Recording Studios in Washington DC. Here they recorded their first album In One Era Out The Other with Jonathan Krienik (who also recorded several albums for Trans Am among others).

Shortly after recording, the band moved to Los Angeles in Silver Lake. The band played at CMJ in 2000 and 2002 as well as South By Southwest in 2003.

In 2000, Houston Party Records of Barcelona, Spain got a tape of "In One Era..." by way of The Beachwood Sparks (Sub Pop). The label soon released the album overseas to great critical acclaim [1] in the European press. The band toured Spain that year with The Tea Servants, drawing sizeable crowds and positive press. In 2002, Gern Blandsten Records (Ted Leo, Liars, Radio 4, Rye Coalition, Dalek, Canyon) released the album in the US, Australia, UK and elsewhere.[2]

In the fall of 2003, the band toured the US with Trans Am, recording their second album just after the tour, "American Oil". 2004 (recorded by Phil Manly of Trans Am), the band toured Spain again, this time sharing the stage with Luna, Matthew Sweet, Matt Sharp (Weezer) and Goldenboy. The tour followed the release of "American Oil" on Houston Party Records.

In 2005, The Movies tied for "Best Rock/Pop band" in the LA Weekly Music Awards.[3] Los Angeles Music - 2005 LA Weekly Music Awards, 2005]. The band have achieved somewhat of a cult status with a loyal following outside of Los Angeles.[4] On their debut EP, The Silversun Pickups covered The Movies' "Creation Lake" and often close their live shows with the song. The Movies are known for erratic, highly energetic, unpredictable live shows, partly due to the crazed antics of singer Timothy James. They added guitarist Marcos Lopez in 2006.

In 2008, the band recorded a new album with Dave Newton (formerly of UK 80's band The Mighty Lemon Drops) entitled Based On A True Story. The album was recorded at The Movies' recording studio, Chermak Studios in Burbank, California and self-released in December 2008 to immediate high critical acclaim in the LA press, landing on several 'Best of 2008' lists (You Set The Scene,, Classical Geek Theatre...).[4][5][6][7]

In December, 2008, The Movies packed [8] each one of their five Mondays for the residency at Spaceland with guest bands Everest, Voxhaul Broadcast, Adam Ficek (of Babyshambles), Eagle & Talon, Nico Stai and more.

Members of The Movies also play in other bands. Tables & Chairs is an instrumental band with Cleary, Triechel, Lopez and Radar Bros. singer/songwriter Jim Putnam on bass. Cleary, Triechel and Putnam also play in Adeline & The Philistines along with Adeline Park (formerly of Panty Lions and Joe Lies) and Aaron Kyle of Le Switch.

IMPORTANT: This band should not be confused with the UK based band called THE MOVIES who existed between 1974-1981, releasing five albums, including: The Movies - Double A (GTO GTLP026, 1977) Line-up: Jon Cole (vox/gtr), Mick Parker (kbds), Greg Knowles (ld. gtr), Julian Diggle (perc.), Jamie Lane (drums), Dave Quinn (bass). Original line-up included: Durban Laverde (bass), Dag Small (kbds).

"The Movies" is a Rock band form in Dallas Texas from the mid to late 80's. Three out of five players attended and graduated from the school of Music at North Texas State (aka UNT). They also formed a later band known as Thyme in later 1990's and the last album was titled Luna Beam recorded at Luminous Sounds studios Dallas Texas. Performers include Derek Zock Drums, John Lastname Vocals and others (fill in if you know).


The Silversun Pickups covered the song "Creation Lake" on their first EP Pikul. The song was originally written and recorded by The Movies for their LP 'In One Era Out The Other.'