The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog

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The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog
The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog.jpg
Also known as Les Mystères d'Alfred
Genre Mystery
Created by Mary Mackay-Smith
Merilyn Read
Written by Mary Mackay-Smith
Merilyn Read
Directed by Frederic Dybowski
Voices of Carolina Bartczak
Gracie Orr
Angela Galuppo
Lisa Norton
Emma Taylor-Isherwood
Composer(s) Philip K. Joyce
Country of origin  France,
 Canada, (Worldwide)
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Clément Calvet
Michael Prupas
Merilyn Read
Producer(s) Mary Mackay-Smith
Jesse Prupas
Clement Calvet
Editor(s) Peter Saisselin
Mary Mackay-Smith
Production company(s) Gaumont / Alphanim
Prickly Productions
Muse Entertainment
France Televisions
Discovery Kids Productions / TVO / Breakthrough Films and Television / Tele Images Kids (US)
Distributor Gaumont-Alphanim[1]
Original channel TVO / TFO (Canada)
Picture format JPEG
Original run January 9, 2010 – June 19, 2010
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The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog, also known as Les Mystères d'Alfred, is an animated French-Canadian animated series that airs on several broadcast and cable networks around the world. The characters of the show consist of mainly the anthropomorphic woodland animals such as raccoons, moose, and voles. The show follows three anthropomorphic animal pre-teens — Alfred Hedgehog, Milo Skunk, and Camille Wallaby—as they solve mysteries in Gnarly Woodlands.

In the United States, Discovery Kids begin airing the series on March 17, 2010, with a marathon of the Day of Saint Patrick of 19 episodes, starting from 6:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. The series returned on April 12, 2010, with its regular time slot, starting at 7:00 P.M. and 7:30 P.M. The Qubo channel has ended its run since August 31, 2014. While Discovery Kids ended its run in early October 2010 and was rebranded under the name "The Hub" (now known as the Hub Network as of 2014) on October 10, 2010.

As of November 2011, the reruns of the show can be seen on TVOntario (Canada), TFO (Canada), VRT (Belgium), TV3 (Spain), and France 5 in Zouzous (France). [2]


The Hedgehog Family[edit]

  • Alfred Hedgehog (voiced by Carolina Bartczak) is the protagonist of the series, and he is one of three characters appearing in every episode. His eyes are green and his primary outfit is a white long-sleeved shirt which is covered in a blue t-shirt with cream-coloured khaki crops. He is a young detective who carries a Smartphone device called a "Detectaberry". With the help of his friends and family, he uses these clues in order to solve the mysteries, most of which have something in order to do with the natural world or science. His primary catchphrase in most episodes is, "This is seriously mysterious!" His nemesis is Cynthia Payne and he has a black belt in karate too. He loves to play basketball, football, and baseball. He is really athletic and gets into fights a lot.
  • Lily Hedgehog (voiced by Gracie Orr) is the little sister of Alfred Hedgehog with low pigtails decorated in red bows. She worships her big brother, and often helps him with collecting clues in order to solve his mysteries. She is a surprisingly good painter that considers her age, and she is mentioned several times that she is able to sell her paintings and enter them in the art contests against much older competitors.
  • The Madam Hedgehog is the mother of Alfred and Lily. She wears a ponytail tied in a hairband and owns the house of the family Hedgehog.
  • The Sir Hedgehog is the father of Alfred and Lily Hedgehog. He works as a bee keeper and is found as a solved mystery.

The Best Friends of Alfred Hedgehog[edit]

  • Camille Wallaby (voiced by Emma Taylor-Isherwood) is friendly and generous, but she is sometimes hotheaded and in too much of a hurry. She has red hair which is tied in high pigtails with a melon pink hairclip on her left side and blue eyes. Her primary outfit is a cream-colored hoodie with a red skirt and blue sneakers. She is one of the three main characters to appear in all episodes and she is the only girl in "The Revenge of Old Fingerbone".
  • Milo Skunk (voiced by Angela Galuppo) has a vivid imagination; some people say that he is "extremely active", a flair for the dramatic and often jokes around while solving cases. He wears gray glasses and is a good runner. His primary outfit is a yellow shirt with brown long pants. He is one of the three main characters in order to appear in all episodes. He invented the Milo-nator, a pair of goggles that separate the sound from the video.

The Family Wallaby[edit]

  • Madeline is the sister of Camille. She was seen in the episode "A Stranger Among Us" as one of the fans of Ricardo (Richard) Rabbit. She also appears at the birthday party of Cynthia in "The Case of the Invisible Visitor". She looks similar to Camille except her hair is shorter and she is a little older than her.
  • The Madam Wallaby is never seen in the series, but mentioned by her youngest daughter Camille in a couple of episodes.

The Family Payne[edit]

  • Cynthia Payne (voiced by Lisa Norton) is a major antagonist of the series at times; other times she will aid in the investigation much to the displeasure of the gang that assists in her own ways. She is the only member of the Payne family in order to have a long tail. As one of the cheerleaders, she likes to use orange-colored pom-poms. She is a big fan of Ricardo (Richard) Rabbit and Razzle too.
  • The Madam Payne is the mother of Cynthia. She wears pink in some episodes. She runs a fundraiser mixed with an inflatable water slide ride and manicure in the episode "It is Raining Fish!"
  • Louise is one of the cousins of Cynthia. She has purple feathers and she wears a pink ponytail. As one of the cheerleaders, she likes to use light blue pom-poms. Also, she is one of the devoted fans of Ricardo Rabbit and Razzle.
  • Tentianne is one of the cousins of Cynthia. She has periwinkle feathers with a plum-colored Bob cut. As one of the cheerleaders, she likes to use magenta pom-poms. Also, she is also one of the fans of Ricardo Rabbit and Razzle.
  • Gabrielle is one of the cousins of Cynthia. She is the tallest of her cousins and as one of the cheerleaders, she likes to use light green pom-poms. She is one of the devoted fans of Ricardo Rabbit and Razzle too.

The Family Rusard[edit]

  • The Sir Rusard (voiced by Terrence Scammell) is a fox and a teacher of Gnarly Woodlands Academy. He is a supporting character in the series. He has green eyes, orange hair, and is often seen wearing a blue vest over a white button down shirt. He is often the coordinator of school and other events in the community. He has many children. Towards the end of "The Glowing Eyes", he is seen by playing a flute in order to attract the fireflies.
  • The Kids of the Sir Rusard: The kids that are seen in some episodes.

The Family Remedey[edit]

  • The Sir Remedey is a mole and one of the supporting characters in the series. He has a background in music and history and sometimes, he helps out with investigations.
  • Edgar Remy is the son of the Sir Remedey. In the episode 5, he gives Alfred Hedgehog and his friends the pictures as the clues.
  • The Daughter of the Sir Remedey: Also, she is the big sister of Edgar Remedey. She wears some eyeglasses. Her real name is never revealed.

Gnarly Woods employees[edit]

  • Rudder Gopher is the janitor of the Gnarly Woods Academy.
  • The Doctor Anne is a fox and the medical doctor of Gnarly Woods. She has gray hair (despite looking quite young), wears a lab coat, and is often seen carrying a first-aid kit. She first appears in an episode called "Who Knocked Out Grizzley?", examining that Grizzley Kodiak deemed a patient in Alfred's house. In "The Mysterious Sneeze", it is also revealed that she possesses her deductive reasoning which is similar to what she is employed by Alfred.
  • Helmuth is the resident and the famous artist in Gnarly Woodlands. He appears to be an otter with blond hair. He is usually hired to sculpt or build something, like when the mother of Cynthia hired him to build a fountain and when asked to sculpt a statue dedicated to Ricardo. His works of art are somehow criticized when something unnatural happens.
  • Grizzley Kodiak is a tan bear and the local carpenter of Gnarly Woodlands. He has been knocked out by an unseen Asian carp in the episode called "Who Knocked Out Grizzley?"
  • Thomson is a wild boar and the school principal of Gnarly Woodlands Academy. He is often in charge of and he likes to partake in various charity functions and sporting events in and around Gnarly Woodlands, from hiking to hang-gliding.
  • The Health Inspector is another otter in Gnarly Woods. He first appears in "The Maple Syrup Mystery" as the syrup critic and also in "The Mystery of the Big Stink" as a superintendent. In "The Mysterious Fern", he is distracted by Cynthia Payne who wants him to take pictures of her. His real name is never revealed.

Normal animals[edit]

  • Chloe is an owl and a supportive character of the series. She wears an orange-colored scarf and dark purple sunglasses with yellow frames, only in the episode called "Who, What, Where, When, and How?". She lives in a tree that is isolated but she is easily reached by flight.
  • Jonathan Raccoon is a raccoon and a thief. He likes to take things that are either very shiny or valuable. Though after his debut in "The Eyes of the Thief" he swears to never steal anything again, but in "The Artful Art Thief", Cynthia accuses him of stealing the shiny ornaments on her tree that was intended to be an art presentation. But the true thieves were the baby magpies. He wears a red cap and carries a bag. He particularly likes things that shine.
  • Lugubrious is a turtle and one of the minor characters of the series. In the episode about "It is Raining Fish!", he has fear, so he hides in the mud in order to get away from the falling yellow perches.
  • Lumis is an orange mountain lion with a pink nose. He wears a yellow vest with a pair of matching hand warmers. He usually scares the other characters (Milo in particular), due to his menacing appearance, and the fact that he is carnivorous.
  • Mynthia is a badger. She only appears in the "Great Flower Mystery" who complains about the soil that the flowers of the mother of Alfred and Lille are in that taste like the "sour milk".
  • Oakland is a beaver and another of the supportive characters of the series. He wears blue goggles and orange swimwear. He lives in a beaver dam near the river. In a flashback from "A Flash of Silver", he flees from his home while it collapses and he runs for cover to the house of the Hedgehog family. His mother is revealed at the end of this episode, but her real name is never revealed.
  • Victor is a vole and one of the supportive characters of the series. He wears a yellow t-shirt. In the "Maple Syrup Mystery", his #1 maple syrup award ribbon is taken away after trying to pass honey as maple syrup by accident but it is returned to him after the teenagers discover why the maple trees have run dry of sap.
  • Winston is a moose and one of the supportive characters of the series. He wears a purple harness. In the two episodes, Alfred and his best friends Camille and Miles ride on his back. Near the end of "The False Notes in Gnarly Woodlands", he gives them his antlers in order to make new flutes.
  • Withers is a feral brown bear that lives near the lake of Gnarly Woodlands. He appears as a solved mystery in "The Phantom Footprints." The other appearances include "A Flash of Silver" and "The Drama of the Cabana." He wears a napkin in "A Flash of Silver" and in "The Drama of the Cabana", his only line is "Thank you, Poldine!"

Other characters[edit]

  • Barnes is the magician of Gnarly Woodlands. He is a walrus with odd teeth. He only appears in "The Malfunctioning Magical Beans".
  • Claire is a goat who plays the music with a zither to the termites. She only appears in "The Mysterious Vandal" where she meets, Alfred, Camille, Miles and Cynthia while she gives them the milk and cookies.
  • The Madam Coleen Radley is a chipmunk who lives in a mansion. She looks closely like a squirrel due to her longer tail and she loves to sing her opera. Her high "C"s were known to shatter crystal from the yards away from her house.
  • Polline Porcupine is one of the citizens of Gnarly Woods. She wears a yellow t-shirt with eyeglasses, a long purple skirt and sandals. She enjoys serving food and is shown to have a vegetable patch at her house. She opened a cabana at the beach in "The Drama of the Cabana" and she fixed the sandwiches for those that are stuck to the rocks in "The Mystery of the Heavy Feet". In "The Phantom Footprints", she grew an award-winning pumpkin.
  • Razzles is a weasel and a traveling stage and television personality. His adventures in Gnarly Woods included emceeing a school magic show and mysteriously getting drenched with water. He appears in "A Three Star Mystery" and "The Malfunctioning Magical Beans" and speaks with a French accent. He is one of the celebrities who Cynthia and her cousins idolize.
  • Ricardo (Richard) Rabbit is the one and only celebrity who resides in Gnarly Woodlands. Ricardo is mentioned to be a Snowshoe Hare in the episode "A Stranger Among Us". In the episode "The Haunting Sound", he mentions his album that is titled Ricardo at His Home that he has recorded. In the episode "The Mystery of the Missing Head of Ricardo", when a statue of him is revealed, he complains that it is not him because his face on the statue looks like that he is yelling. Also, he likes to run in races and perform in stage plays.
  • Thomas is a bobcat who wears a red cap.


  • The Hedgequarters: A place where Alfred, Camille and Milo study the clues that they have found. It includes a swing, a hammock and a rope which are tied in knots. It has many equipment needed to solve their mysteries like a chemical lab, several computers where they download all three clues that they gathered during investigations and use the computer in order to research the answer to their mystery. Also, it contains a collection many different mystery novels that they order for in a cataologue and also uses these books as references in their mysteries like the The Mystery Totem Series. In the episode "The Revenge of Old Fingerbone", the Hedgequarters was also involved in a mystery when an old tree that rests above it called the roots of Old Fingerbone would dig into the base and it would cause everything to tilt and slant of balance. In the end of the mystery, Alfred mentioned he would ask Rudder to help remove the roots of that tree.
  • The Tower of Ziplines: A high tower that overlooks Gnarly Woodlands and also, it is connected to a system of ziplines which the gang uses to get around Gnarly Woodands when they need to get to a location very quickly. The ziplines carry up to three or more people when the sister Lille of Alfred wishes to come along.
  • The House of the Family Hedgehog: It is known as the house of the family of Alfred and Lille too. This house has the bedroom of Alfred where he sometimes studies with his laptop. There is also a beehive at the corner of the house where the father of Alfred who is a beekeeper uses to raise his honeybees.
  • The House of the Family of Camille and Madeline: The outside is unseen, but the inside (specifically the bedroom of Camille) is revealed in the episode "The Mysterious Red Spots".
  • The House of the Family of Miles: The only part inside the house is the bedroom of Miles which is in the episode "The Glowing Eyes".
  • The Academy of Gnarly Woodlands: The school that the Sir Rusard and the kids attend. It has a chalkboard on the wall.
  • The House of the Family Payne: It is also known as the house of the family Cynthia. It is painted pink and it has a garden.
  • The Tree of Jonathan Raccoon: A tree decorated with shiny items that are owned by Jonathan Raccoon. It has a ladder in the front.
  • The Tree of Chloe Owl: A tree where Chloe lives. The old one is taken down by Oakland the beaver in "The Sleepless Night".
  • The Den of Winston: A place where Winston belongs. He is only seen in "The Sleepless Night".
  • The Den of Victor: A place where Victor Vole lives. It has a portrait of his grandfather seen in "The Eyes of the Thief".
  • The Dam of Oakland Beaver: A place where Oakley lives. In "A Flash Of Silver", it is often destroyed by rushing water with salmon.
  • The Mansion of Boo Radley: Mrs. Radley's house located on Mayberry Hill.
  • The House of Ricardo: A place where Ricardo Rabbit works as a star.
  • The House of the Sir Rusard: It is where the Sir Rusard lives.
  • The Amphitheater: An outdoor stage in Gnarly Woodlands.
  • The Lake of Gnarly Woodlands: The location of several mysteries.
  • Black Forest Elementary School: The rival school of Gnarly Woodlands Academy that they usually compete against them in several events they not been seen at all in the series, they have been mostly referred to in several occasions in the show when ever the school is competing against them. The Sir Hedgehog had mentioned once that he was a student of Black Forest.
  • The Pond of Lugubrious: The home of Lugubrious the turtle.



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