The Neon Woman

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The Neon Woman is a comic play written by Tom Eyen. The play is an outrageous murder mystery set in a seedy Baltimore burlesque house run by a retired stripper (Divine). It was written as a vehicle for Pink Flamingos star Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead), who had previously starred in a revival of Eyen's Women Behind Bars.[citation needed] The cast also featured Helen Hanft, Brenda Bergman, William Duff-Griffin, Maria Duval, Sweet William Edgar, Lee Corbet, Debra Greenfield, Hope Stansbury and George Patterson, and was directed by longtime Eyen collaborator Ron Link. It played at the Hurrah Discotheque, a trendy dance club on the upper west side of Manhattan. It opened on April 16, 1978, and played 84 performances, closing on July 15, 1978.[1]


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