The New World (The 4400)

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"The New World"
The 4400 episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 01/02
Directed by Vincent Misiano
Written by Ira Steven Behr
Frederick Rappaport
Original air date June 11, 2006
Guest actors

Peter Coyote - Dennis Ryland
Sharif Atkins - Gary Navarro
Olivia Cheng - Reporter
Jeffrey Combs - Kevin Burkhoff
Garret Dillahunt - Matthew Ross
Matthew Gray - Tyler Downing
Tippi Hedren - Lily Tyler
Kavan Smith - Jed Garrity
Jody Thompson - Devon Moore
Ian Tracey - Daniel Armand
Leanne Adachi - T.J. Kim
Peter Bryant - Agent Wood

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Mommy's Bosses"
Next →
"Being Tom Baldwin"

"The New World" is a two-part episode of the science fiction television series The 4400.


Richard has to cope with two horrendous changes in his life after he discovers that Isabelle and Lily have both aged substantially. The Nova Group reveal themselves as a group of 4400s that have the power to influence the world.


Part one[edit]

The episode begins with Dennis Ryland giving a speech to a Congressional Hearing regarding the 4400, Ryland states to the panel of congressmen about how the promicin-inhibitor program was an international effort with a goal to stop the domination of the world by a small fraction of the population, the 4400.

Three weeks earlier Richard and Shawn walk down the corridors of the 4400 Center in a rush as Shawn has something important to show Richard, in regard to Isabelle. Arriving at their destination Richard is bemused to discover a young lady claiming to be his daughter, Isabelle. Richard returns to his apartment in search of Lily and Isabelle, looking around he discovers Lily has collapsed in their bedroom, when he goes to her aid to help her up he finds an aged woman, who claims to be Lily. As the aged Lily gets up she realizes her hands have succumbed to wrinkles and screams when she views her self in a mirror, Lily has aged exponentially.

Richard and Lily visit Dr. Kevin Burkhoff in regard to Lily's rapid aging, Burkhoff states that while her blood pressure is elevated her heart, lungs and reflexes are within the normal range. Burkhoff speculates that the rapid aging is due to Lily coming off the promicin-inhibitor.

The episode returns to the present day with Ryland still giving his speech to panel of congressmen. Ryland "owns up" and reveals the inhibitor program was all his idea, and states he was proud to lead it. After taking a short recess the panel and guests return to their seats, not long after however a loud noise emanates around the room. An advisor to Ryland begins to get agitated because of the noise which he can hear, rummaging through his briefcase he removes a letter opener and in a raged state stabs Ryland multiple times.

At his house, Tom and Alana talk about Ryland, with Tom suggesting that maybe he should contact Ryland's wife to see if he can help her in any way, although Tom dismisses the idea stating that Ryland did nothing nor tell Tom when Kyle was stalking Jordan Collier. Alana suggests that she needs to get Tom away from there, away from his problems. Alana tells Tom that since coming of the promicin-inhibitor she believes she can control her ability. Tom and Alana could potentially take a long holiday in the space of a few moments.

NTAC receives a message from the Nova Group, the "defensive wing of the 4400", in their message they state that a second demonstration of their powers has been planned for October 19. Nina reintroduces Tom and Diana to Gary Navaro, Nina tells Tom and Diana how Gary's telepathic powers have been very useful to the National Security Agency.

While Lily and Isabelle study several medical documents in Kevin's office, they discover that there is a one-to-one correlation in such that every time one of Lily's neurons "turns off" one of Isabelle's "turns on".

At Diana's apartment her, Maia and Marco play a board game, when Maia asks if she can excuse her self from the game, leaving to go to her room Maia hints at the future to Marco. He tells Diana that maybe Maia was better off on the promicin-inhibitor due to being overwhelmed with knowing what will happen. Diana visits Kevin Burkhoff regarding Maia during the night; on entering his apartment Diana sees a vial of promicin on Kevin's desk.

Tom and Diana receive a lead on Wesley Houser, a member of the Nova Group which Gary Navarro put Tom and Diana on to, they head to a morgue and discover that he had been dead for two weeks, much too long to be the person they are looking for. They realize Gary had been deceiving them.

The episode ends with Richard and Lily resting on a sofa while Isabelle heads to the top of the 4400 Center and jumps from the top of the building while Gary Navarro attends Dennis Ryland's bedside, Gary states to Ryland "You're awake. Good. It's important you know it's me, I'm the guy who killed you." Navaro then injects Ryland with an unknown substance which causes Ryland to go into a seizure.

Part two[edit]

After injecting Ryland with an unknown substance Gary leaves the room with Ryland having a seizure, though Gary successfully manages to leave the room two security officers which are stationed outside are alerted to detain him and give chase. Exiting an elevator Gary is cornered by Nina, Tom and Diana and armed security guards.

Matthew Ross returns to the 4400 Center from a trip, on arrival Shawn greets Ross and updates him on the status of Isabelle, who had survived her free fall from the 4400 Center roof and healed and Lily, who Shawn states is deteriorating.

After conversing with Marco regarding Kevin Burkhoff, and the apparent syringe of promicin she had seen at his apartment she goes to visit him. Diana questions Kevin as to if he has been injecting himself with promicin, he rejects that he has been taking the promicin serum but states that he has been injecting himself with a modified version. Kevin tells Diana that once the course of treatment has finished he will have taught his body to produce promicin, that he will be the first non-4400 to develop 4400-like abilities. Unknown to Diana however Kevin has already begun to make “progress”, sporting his bare chest Kevin reveals to her he has begun to develop lacerations.

After Gary Navarro is taken from NTAC custody, an NSA agent subjects him to torture, including waterboarding. Daniel Armand rings Shawn telling him he will require money to go “underground” revealing to Shawn that a member of the Nova Group has been compromised. Gary reveals Armand’s name to the torturer soon after however Tom Baldwin breaks into the room in which Gary is being tortured and ends it.

Richard packs his and Lily's luggage into their car while Lily goes to visit Isabelle in her room to tell them they will be going to see another clinic. She advises her that Shawn will be looking out for her and presents Isabelle with a present, her wedding band. Outside Richard helps an emotional Lily into their car with Lily revealing she had lied to Isabelle and that Richard is the one who has to tell her the truth.

At NTAC headquarters Nina, Tom and Diana wait with a degree of anxiousness for October 19. Sometime later while in his office, asleep, Tom awakes and hears the words “Oh my God”, leaving his office he discovers via a news broadcast that 1,000-acre (4 km2) patch of barren sand in the Nubian Desert has overnight transformed into fertile wheat fields, the Nova Group claim responsibility with Diana commenting “They make us all terrified, and then, rather than attacking us, they give us a gift.”

The episode ends with a flashback to Tom feeding a young baby Kyle, meanwhile Maia attends her new school at the 4400 Center and Isabelle contemplates injecting her self with a serum Matthew Ross gave her, with the possibility it could save her mother. Sitting in their car, Richard reminisces about his and Lily’s past while she slowly passes away next to him.


  • The departure of the Lily Tyler character was a creative fix to deal with the departure of the actress Laura Allen, who left the show for other business interests. The contrived plot to smooth the departure of a lead character was not well received with the fans and is regarded as perhaps the point where the series "jumped the shark."
  • The transformation of the infant Isabelle to a young adult is significant, as she becomes a central character in the later part of the third season.
  • The introduction of the Nova Group sets the tone for the entire third season, where the 4400s are all divided about the use of militant action, and the government uses their actions against other 4400s.

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