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The New York Times Upfront
Editor Elliott Rebhun
Categories Newsmagazine
Frequency Biweekly
Circulation 325,000 subscriptions per issue
First issue 1999
Company Scholastic, Inc.
Country US
Language English
Website Upfront Homepage
ISSN 15251292

The New York Times Upfront is a newsmagazine for high school students, published by Scholastic Inc. with articles and other content provided by reporters from The New York Times.

More than 15,000 social studies and english/language arts teachers nationwide subscribe to Upfront for their students.[citation needed] The magazine is designed to augment the curricula of a course by bringing current events into a classrooms. The magazine is also intended to boost high school students' non-fiction reading skills.[citation needed] Published 14 times during the school year, Upfront has a circulation of approximately 325,000, up 25% in the last three years, with a readership of over 900,000 high school students,[citation needed] since teachers generally use the magazine with more than one class, and often share the magazine with other teachers.[citation needed]

Upfront is edited for a high school audience, with articles of interest to teenagers that explain how news events relate to them and their futures. Although Upfront is targeted at a high school audience some teachers use it for a younger, gifted audience.[citation needed]

Online edition[edit]

Upfront recently launched a digital edition, and provides a suite of digital learning tools on its website for teachers and students, including a series of video time lines.[1]


The New York Times Upfront was first published in 1999, but traces its roots back to Scholastic's early days.[citation needed] Scholastic Senior was the company's original newsmagazine for high school students. Its name was later changed to Update.

In 1999, Scholastic partnered with The New York Times, and Update became The New York Times Upfront. The idea was to combine the New York Times journalistic resources and the reporting from its news bureaus around the world with Scholastic's ability to create magazines that meet the curricular needs of high school students and their teachers.[citation needed] For The New York Times, Upfront is also a way to introduce its brand and its journalism to a new generation of readers, complementing the Times's web site, and its other education efforts.[citation needed]

Magazine sections[edit]

Every issue of Upfront covers both domestic and international news. The topics frequently covered in the magazine are:

Awards and recognition[edit]

In 2008, The New York Times Upfront was recognized for its excellence by the Association of Educational Publishers. It won the following Distinguished Achievement Awards:[18]

  • News Story: March 12, 2007 Issue
  • Illustration: April 2, 2007 Issue[19]
  • Visual Story: September 17, 2007 Issue[20]
  • Cover: December 10, 2007 Issue[21]

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