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The Next Great Champ is an American reality television series on Fox that aired in early 2005. It followed a group of boxers as they compete with one another in an elimination-style competition, while their lives and relationships with each other and their families are depicted. The show was the result of the synergy between boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya and reality television powerhouse Endemol USA.

The show was rushed into production to compete with Mark Burnett's The Contender reality boxing series, and Champ deputed prior to The Contender. The show sought to discover young, raw boxers and train them for a possible title fight opportunity, with the winner also getting a professional contract with de la Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions and a large cash prize.

The show quickly fizzled in the ratings, and after four episodes The Next Great Champ was cancelled by Fox. The final six episodes aired on Fox Sports Net.

The only season of the show was won by Otis Griffin. After the victory, Griffin was set to battle Alfonso Sanchez live on Fox Sports for the WBO "8-round" light heavyweight championship (a title that was created by the organization solely for the winner of this show, as most title fights are 10 or 12 rounds in length), but the bout never materialized. Griffin did win this title against James Sundin in a non-televised fight.



Guest stars[edit]

Tournament Tracker[edit]

Preliminary round[edit]

1. *David Pareja beat *Arsenio Reyes by unanimous decision.
2. *Fred Bachmann beat *Lawrence Alonzo by unanimous decision.
3. *Rene Armijo Jr beat *Paul Scianna by 3rd round TKO.
4. *James Mince beat *Otis Griffin by split decision.
5. *Gilbert Zaragoza beat *Luis Corps by 3rd round TKO.
Bachmann quits the show, and Griffin is brought back as a replacement.
6. *Otis Griffin beat *Mike Vallejo by unanimous decision.
6. *Otis Griffin draws with *Mohamad Elmahmoud.

(Numbers refer to the episode in which the fight took place.)

Semi finals[edit]

7. *James Mince beat *Rene Armijo Jr by unanimous decision.
8. *David Pareja beat *Gilbert Zaragoza by unanimous decision.
8. *Otis Griffin beat *James Mince by unanimous decision.


9. *Otis Griffin beat *David Pareja by unanimous decision.

(Numbers refer to the episode in which the fight took place.)