The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (song)

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"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes"
Single by Bobby Vee
from the album The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
B-side "Anonymous Phone Call"
Released 1962
Length 2:37
Writer(s) Benjamin Weisman, Dorothy Wayne, Marilyn Garrett
Bobby Vee singles chronology
"A Forever Kind of Love"
"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes"
For the jazz standard by Jerry Brainin and Buddy Bernier, see The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (jazz standard).

"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" is a popular song written by Benjamin Weisman, Dorothy Wayne, and Marilyn Garrett and first recorded by Bobby Vee. Released as a single in late 1962, it hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, #2 on the Easy Listening survey, and #9 on the R&B singles chart. It also reached #3 on the UK charts in March 1963, and was included on his 1963 Liberty Records album, The Night Has a Thousand Eyes.[1]

In 1963, a cover version was issued in the UK by Jimmy Justice,[1] and The Angels released a version on their album My Boyfriend's Back. In 1973, The Carpenters did a cover version, which can be heard on Now & Then. The song was covered in 1982 by glam rock band Mud for their album Mud featuring Les Gray, and in 1988 by Danish jazz saxophonist Lars Møller for his album Copenhagen Groove. In 2005, Gary Lewis and the Playboys did a cover version on their first lp This Diamond Ring,[2] which can also be heard on their album Complete Hits. A version of the song with a slower tempo is heard in the 1998 film Dark City, sung by Anita Kelsey. In the Director's Cut version of the film the song is sung by Jennifer Connely.[3]


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