The Nightingale (1914 film)

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The Nightingale
Directed by Augustus E. Thomas
Produced by All Star Feature Film Corporation
Written by Augustus Thomas(screen story), ?scenario
Starring Ethel Barrymore
Distributed by Alco Film Corporation
Release dates
  • October 5, 1914 (1914-10-05)
Running time
5 reels
Country United States
Language Silent

The Nightingale is a 1914 American silent drama film written by Augustus Thomas and released by Alco Film Corporation. It is the motion picture debut of Ethel Barrymore in a story written especially for her by Thomas. Thomas, famed as a Broadway playwright, was the best friend of Barrymore's father Maurice and had known the actress since she was a child.[1] As with many of Barrymore's films to come, the advertising for this film says the film is told in 'acts' as with a stage play, an effort to remind the audience of the star's status and preference for the legitimate stage. This film is long thought to be lost.[2] [3] [4] [5]


The story of this film is similar to Clyde Fitch's 1901 play Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines in which Barrymore became a star playing an Italian opera singer. Fitch had died in 1909 and Charles Frohman, Barrymore's theatrical employer, owned the rights to Captain Jinks.. . Augustus Thomas, a Barrymore family friend and author, fashioned a similar story for Barrymore enticing her make a film with material she was familiar with. This was common practice in the silent era to make a write-around story to popular works in which screen rights could not be attained.

A screen version of Fitch's Captain Jinks.. was later made with Ann Murdock.


  • Ethel Barrymore - Isola Franti, 'The Nightingale'
  • William Courtleigh - Tony Franti
  • Frank Andrews - Andrea Franti
  • Conway Tearle - Charles Marden
  • Charles A. Stevenson - Nathan Narden
  • Irving Brooks - 'Red' Galvin
  • Mario Majeroni - David Mantz
  • Philip Hahn - Jean de Resni
  • Ida Darling - Mrs. Belmore
  • Bobby Stewart - Nathan Marden II
  • Henri Antiznat - Prefect of Police
  • Frank Dudley - Frank
  • M. Monet - Gazzi Catassi
  • Caroline French - Maid
  • Mrs. Cooper Cliffe - Nola
  • Claude Cooper - Madonni
  • Ed West - Police Sergeant


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