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The Noah is a post-apocalyptic fiction film written and directed by Daniel Bourla, starring Robert Strauss in his final film performance.

Noah (Strauss) is the sole survivor on our planet after a nuclear holocaust. To cope with his loneliness, he creates an imaginary companion, then a companion for his companion (played by off-screen voice performances by Geoffrey Holder and Sally Kirkland) and finally an entire civilization - a world of illusion in which there is no reality but Noah, and no rules but those of the extinct world of his memory.[1]

The film was shot in Puerto Rico in 1968, but was not screened until 1975 and it was never released theatrically. The Noah remained unseen until 1997, when it was featured on a film classics appreciation program broadcast in New York by CUNY TV, the cable television station operated by the City University of New York. A 2005 article on Film Threat and a follow-up interview on the same site with Bourla resulted in its DVD debut in 2006.[2]


Also the voices of and some sounds of events of recent history, including:

Various students, Preacher, Baseball Announcer, Radio Announcer, Mistinguett, Vladimir Lenin, Benito Musolini, Adolf Hitler, Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht), Polish Cavalry Officer, Panzer commander, Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, French Premier Daladier, Marshall Petain, London Blitz, 1940 US Presidential Elections, Young Man and Woman in parked car, Various Obercommando der Wehrmacht Announcements, President Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, American Telephone Operator, Man humming mourners’ Kaddish, German S/S Doctor at Auschwitz train station, American Radio Announcer (Pearl Harbor), Army Induction Center Officer, Afrika Korps advances, Russian Woman in Stalingrad, Liberation of Rome - Italian Woman questioning passing Noah, Bob Hope, Liberation of Paris, General De Gaulle singing La Marseillaise, Fire-Bombing of Dresden, Little German Girl questioning passing Noah, Admiral Dönitz, VE-Day London, New York, Japanese children singing, Atom Bomb Hiroshima, President Truman, Emperor Hirohito, Senator McCarthy, Adlai Stevenson, President Nixon, President Eisenhower, Launching of Russian Sputnik, President Kennedy, President Johnson, African-American Activist, US Student Activist, Robert Kennedy, Hungarian Demonstrators, US Demonstrators, Nigerian Officer, British Journalist, Biafran Prisoner.


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