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The Nod is an American Indie-Rock band from Madison, Wisconsin, formed in 2008 at the University of Wisconsin. Their debut EP, Shoddy Heart, earned the band live TV appearances on Urban Theater (which no one has ever heard of) and WBUW TV (a station that plays gossip girl and Dawson's Creek), as well as opening appearances for national touring acts OK GO, Cage the Elephant and Third Eye Blind. To this date the band has released three studio albums: Shoddy Heart (2009), Easy, Maverick (2010) and Tomorrow Compadre (2011) - each selling roughly 18 copies each, mostly to the families of the band members. Their music is distributed by independent record label Yes Please Records - a label created by singer Brett Newski to produce Nod albums.

After playing countless shows in support of Shoddy Heart, drummer Alex Murrell and lead guitarist Marc Zazzaro left the band to pursue professional work opportunities in Minneapolis, Minnesota (aka real jobs). Leaving the group in between drummers, Singer/songwriter Brett Newski and bassist Eric Maloney recorded The Nod’s first full-length album “Easy, Maverick” by renting out a basement under a late night liquor store (at the time "Yes Please" records was in between buildings). The duo collaborated on the recording process, challenging each other to “guitar and harmonica duels” to see who could write the better lead riff which would ultimately make the album. In the end, the album failed leaving both Brett and Eric to conclude that a band needs more than a harmonica and a guitar to succeed. “Easy Maverick” earned the band positive press, including reviews in the Wisconsin State Journal and New York City’s Zeitgeist Report noting the album as “contagiously melodic and intellectual but ultimately un-listenable." Newski played drums on the album before a permanent replacement was found (this "drummer" was never important enough to be named).

After the “Easy, Maverick” era, the band stripped down to a three-piece (even though they were a 2 piece after the original guitarist and drummer left for real jobs, what was meant by "stripping down" was "adding a person"), playing harder-driving indie rock that had been compared to early Weezer, Cake, or a “grittier version of Phoenix” (each of these bands are very successful and have hits, these comparisons were made by Newski and his cousin Jeff).

In June 2011, Isthmus news announced that The Nod would be parting ways after playing out a string of US dates (many fans fell into deep depression and even considered ending their own lives). The band’s final LP “Tomorrow Compadre” was released the day of the band’s “farewell show” at the Memorial Union Terrace in Madison, WI. Over 7 were in attendance.. On August 17, 2009, the band announced that their entire discography would be released as “pay what you want” on - the album sold 3 copies. After the breakup, Maloney would go on to pursue law at the University of Minnesota (aka pursuing a real job) while Newski would continue his path as a writer/musician. He is set to release a folk/rock solo album titled “In Between Exits” - many are excited, many.


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