The Noise Company

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The Noise Company
Founded 2007 (incorporated January 22, 2011)
Founder Ben Kweller
Distributor(s) None. In discussions
Genre Rock and Roll
Country of origin United States
Location Austin, TX
Official website

The Noise Company is an American independent record label based in Austin, TX. The label was founded in 2007 by recording artist Ben Kweller. So far, The Noise Co. has 2 releases to its name - How Ya Lookin' Southbound? Come In... and Changing Horses. Both of these were co-released with Kweller's long-time label-home, ATO Records. Kweller stated in an Australian magazine that he has recently parted ways with ATO and plans to release his upcoming LP solely on The Noise Co.. Kweller stated that he is not interested in signing other artists to the label at this time, but that it is a "long-term goal". The Noise Company LLC was incorporated on January 22, 2011.