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An ogre is a large, hideous monster of mythology, folklore and fiction.

Ogre may also refer to:

Comics and manga[edit]

  • Ogre (Marvel Comics), a Marvel Comics mutant engineer character, first appearing in X-Men in 1967
  • Ogre (DC Comics), a DC Comics genetically-engineered character, first appearing in Batman in 1996
  • O.G.R.E. (comics), acronym used by two fictional villain organizations in DC Comics' Aquaman
  • Ogre (Rave Master), an antagonist in the Japanese manga/anime series


Game titles[edit]

Game elements[edit]

  • Ogre (Dungeons & Dragons), a fictional monster found in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game
  • Ogre (Warhammer), a fictional race found in Warhammer Fantasy
  • Ogre, a fighter character from Tekken
  • Ogre, an antagonistic character in "Okami". Three variations exist in the Japanese mythology of the game, Red (Vain), Blue (Ill-thought Beauty), Bud (Plant alternative to the classic Blue, and Red)
  • Ogre, Eyedol. A fighting character of Killer Instinct

Movies and television[edit]


  • Nivek Ogre, stage name of performer Kevin Ogilvie, singer of the band Skinny Puppy
    • ohGr, the intentionally misspelled name of Nivek Ogre's band after the demise of Skinny Puppy
  • Ogre (band), a stoner metal band from Portland, Maine
  • Les Ogres de Barback, French musical group of 4 Burguière siblings (band also known as Les Ogres)



  • Ogre, Ogre, fifth book of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony
  • OGRE, Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine, a 3D graphics engine

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