The Oklahoma Kid

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The Oklahoma Kid
Directed by Lloyd Bacon
Produced by Samuel Bischoff, Hal B. Wallis
Written by Wally Kline
Edward E. Paramore
Starring James Cagney
Humphrey Bogart
Rosemary Lane
Music by Max Steiner
Stephen Foster
Cinematography James Wong Howe
Edited by Owen Marks
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release dates
  • March 3, 1939 (1939-03-03)
Running time
85 min
Language English

The Oklahoma Kid is a 1939 western film starring James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart. The movie was directed for Warner Bros. by Lloyd Bacon. Cagney plays an adventurous gunslinger in a broad-brimmed cowboy hat while Bogart portrays his black-clad and viciously villainous nemesis. The film is often remembered for Cagney's character rubbing the thumb and forefinger of his hand together and exulting, "Feel that air!"

The supporting cast features Rosemary Lane, Donald Crisp, and Ward Bond. Rosemary Lane's sister Priscilla Lane also starred with Cagney and Bogart in The Roaring Twenties that same year.


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