The One-Straw Revolution

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自然農法・わら一本の革命 (Shizen Nōhō・Wara Ippon No Kakumei)?
1st original edition
Author Masanobu Fukuoka
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Subject Natural farming, Deep ecology
Publisher Tokyo: Hakujusha (柏樹社?) Co., Ltd.
Publication date
Pages 252 pp
ISBN [ISBN missing]
OCLC 36147826
The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming
1st English translation edition
Author Masanobu Fukuoka
Original title 自然農法・わら一本の革命 (shizen noho・wara ippon no kakumei)
Translator Chris Pearce, Tsune Kurosawa, and Larry Korn (tr. ed.)
Cover artist Chuck Miller
Country USA
Language English translation, with additions and representation
Subject Natural farming, Deep ecology
Publisher New York: Rodale Press
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 181 pp
ISBN 0-87857-220-1

The One Straw Revolution is a seminal book written by Masanobu Fukuoka concerning his methods of natural farming which has been highly influential with various organic farming and natural food and lifestyle movements.

Notes on a few known translation errors[edit]

A few translation errors are known from the 1978 English translation original edition. One small error, biographically significant for the author, is the name of his University teacher and mentor Dr. Makoto Hiura (樋浦 誠 hiura makoto?) (1898–1991); a Japanese scholar and academic leader, including as one of the founders of Rakuno Gakuen University in 1960, and later its first president.[1]

After being corrected, the respective sentence straddling this 1978 edition's pages 4–5 will read: "I had studied plant pathology under Dr. Makoto Hiura, a teacher at Gifu Agricultural High School" (instead of: "… Makoto Okera …").


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