The Order of Ammon

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The Order of Ammon is a secret society of seven Emory University seniors who are chosen due to their merit, character, imagination, and persistent commitment to better Emory University and the world at-large. Members are typically heavily involved with many organizations on Emory’s campus and have excelled in academics, athletics, leadership, and service.[1] The Order of Ammon is one of several secret societies at Emory University, others of which include Paladin Society, D.V.S. Senior Honor Society, and Ducemus. The members of The Order of Ammon are never revealed, unlike the Paladin Society and D.V.S. Senior Honor Society, which reveal their members during graduation.[2] The Order of Ammon was first officially recognized by Emory University in 2005.[3][4] As The Order of Ammon grows and advances, it seeks to become the most legitimate and dedicated secret society at Emory.[5]