The Outsiders (British band)

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The Outsiders
Origin Wimbledon, England
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1976 (1976)–1979 (1979)
Associated acts The Sound
Past members Adrian Borland
Bob Lawrence
Adrian Janes

The Outsiders were an English punk rock group, formed in 1976 in Wimbledon, England. Their debut LP, Calling on Youth, was the first self-released punk album in the UK.[1]

Vocalist/guitarist Adrian Borland was central to the group, rounded out by Bob Lawrence on bass and Adrian "Jan" Janes on drums.[2] Their debut LP, Calling On Youth, was self-released on their Raw Edge label in May 1977,[1] and won them unfavourable reviews: "apple-cheeked Ade has a complexion that would turn a Devon milkmaid green with envy", reported the NME.[3][4]

An EP that November, One to Infinity, was labelled as "Tuneless, gormless, gutless...I like them a lot. " by Tony Parsons in the NME,[5] but was praised in a less contradictory manner elsewhere.[6]

It was followed by a second album, Close Up, in 1979. This received better, but still cautious, reviews from the press;[7] the NME concluded that it was a patchy album, but from "a band with a future. "[8]

After this album, Lawrence and Janes left, and Borland went on to front the post-punk group The Sound.[9][10][11]



Singles, EPs[edit]

  • One to Infinity EP (1977), Raw Edge
  • "Vital Hours" (1978), Xciting Plastic - withdrawn


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