The Outsiders (TV series)

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The Outsiders
Genre Teen drama, coming-of-age
Written by Bruce Kirschbaum
Frederick Rappaport
Todd Robinson
Alan Shapiro
Directed by Gwen Arner
Robert Becker
Bill Duke
Jan Eliasberg
Janet Greek
Lee H. Katzin
Sharron Miller (Pilot)
Bill Molloy
Alan Shapiro
Michael Toshiyuki Uno
Starring Jay R. Ferguson
Rodney Harvey
Boyd Kestner
David Arquette
Robert Rusler
Harold Pruett
Composer(s) Jay Gruska
W.G. Snuffy Walden
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Francis Ford Coppola
Fred Roos
Producer(s) R.J. Louis
Douglas Steinberg
Editor(s) Corky Ehlers
Briana London
Lary Moten
John Neal
John Randle
Running time 60 mins.
Production company(s) Zoetrope Studios
Distributor Papazian-Hirsch Entertainment
Original channel Fox
Original release March 25, 1990 (1990-03-25) – July 22, 1990 (1990-07-22)
Preceded by The Outsiders

The Outsiders is an American drama series that aired from March to July 1990 on Fox. Based on the characters from the 1967 novel of the same title by S. E. Hinton, the series' executive producer was the 1983 film's director Francis Ford Coppola.


The 90-minute pilot episode directed by Sharron Miller served as a sequel to the film and began with a short scene from the original film of Dallas Winston (Matt Dillon) running from police and being shot.

Alan Shapiro wrote and directed the pilot, which was aired as a special preview on March 25, 1990 (seven years after the release of the film) at 9:30 p.m.,and was Fox's highest rated drama in the network's history, drawing a 9.3/16 national Nielsen rating and 14.1 million viewers, and tied for 64th for the week. However, The Outsiders lost half the viewers from its Married... with Children lead-in.[1]



Episode # Episode Title Episode Description Original air date
1 "Pilot" In the series pilot, a welfare worker (L. Scott Caldwell) warns the three orphaned Curtis brothers that any trouble will send Ponyboy and Sodapop to foster homes. March 25, 1990
2 "The Stork Club" Soda wants to keep it from Darry that he's gotten a girl pregnant; and Ponyboy becomes "protective" when Scout is courted by a non-greaser. April 1, 1990
3 "Only the Lonely" Tim Shepard returns from prison and is tempted to take a job offer from two men he met in the joint. Though, while he hangs out with the Curtis brothers, he alienates Soda from Darry. April 8, 1990
4 "Breaking the Maiden" Ponyboy regrets not taking Cherry's bait to tackle the school dance, until he's hooked by a stronger line; the North side Greaser Band makes its pro debut. April 15th, 1990
5 "He Was a Greaser, Only Old" A chain-gang fugitive (Ed O'Ross) is "one of us" to Ponyboy, so he tries to help him by giving him food and clothes. Though, by doing this, the man alienates Ponyboy from Darry. Then, when Ponyboy asks for Soda's help to give the man a few things, the man shoots Soda in the shoulder, making the cops and Darry think Tim did it. April 22, 1990
6 "Maybe Baby" The Curtis's overnight care of an infant whose father doesn't return puts them through some changes and prompts Two-Bit to get in touch with his estranged father. April 29, 1990
7 "Storm Warning" As a tornado approaches, Darry tries to save the roof on a customer's house, Ponyboy attempts to move an injured Soc to safety, and Soda risks Darrel's cash to save Buck's poker stake. May 6, 1990
8 "Mirror Image" A girl Soda has been dating, dumps Soda for a Black Student. Angered by this, Soda challenges the boy to a fight which he loses and the Socs end up ganging up on the student until he has to go to the hospital. Everyone blames Soda, thus making him blame himself, and turn himself into the police. The Socs then get angry and try to gang up on Soda when he is working late, alone. May 13, 1990
9 "Carnival" At a carnival, Darry and Tim fight one scam while Soda is caught in another when a seductive carny girl (Viveka Davis) separates him from the car he's "borrowed" for the evening. May 20, 1990
10 "Tequila Sunset" Needing to pay off gambling debts, Two-Bit tries to get his school's hoop star (Geoffrey Infeld) to commit a foul, Tim goes to church to see the gal (Lezlie Deane) who got away. June 10, 1990
11 "Winner Takes All" Darry's dream requires a loan, but Soda's dream comes true, thanks to a prank by Steve and Two-Bit, that sends Soda into a spending spree. June 24, 1990
12 "The Beat Goes On" Darry objects when Scout uses the Curtis's for refuge from an abusive father, but doesn't mind his own time spent with a lonely military wife. July 15, 1990
13 "Union Blues" A desperate Darry joins a group of laborers, unaware he's crossing a picket line formed by Tim's union; Ponyboy sees the good life as he tutors a track star. July 22, 1990


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