The Pacifier

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The Pacifier
Pacifier poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Adam Shankman
Produced by Roger Birnbaum
Gary Barber
Jonathan Glickman
Written by Thomas Lennon
Robert Ben Garant
Starring Vin Diesel
Lauren Graham
Faith Ford
Brittany Snow
Max Thieriot
Carol Kane
Brad Garrett
Music by John Debney
Cinematography Peter James
Edited by Christopher Greenbury
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures
Release dates
  • March 4, 2005 (2005-03-04)
Running time
95 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $56 million[1]
Box office $198,636,868[1]

The Pacifier is a 2005 action comedy film directed by Adam Shankman and written by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. It stars Vin Diesel. The film was released in March 2005 by Walt Disney Pictures, and earned US$30 million in its opening weekend.


Shane Wolfe (Vin Diesel) is assigned to rescue Howard Plummer (Tate Donovan) from a group of Serbian rebels. Wolfe and Plummer are shot while escaping, Plummer dies and Wolfe spends two months in the hospital.

Dwayne Murney (Brad Garrett), brings the facts that Seth has cut and bleached his hair for no apparent reason, has a Nazi armband in his locker, and has skipped every wrestling practice for the past month, to Wolfe's attention. The training Wolfe gives the Firefly Scouts becomes useful when they once again have a conflict with the boy scouts. They bind and gag Zoe, Seth, and Lulu with rope and black handkerchief, place Peter and Tyler in the playpen, and Fawcett and Mrs. Chun take Julie to the vault while Mr. Chun looks after the children. They manage to open the door, but the dangerous security system prevents them from going any farther.

The children have lured a large crowd of police to the house. Mr. Chun holds all of them at gunpoint. Wolfe notices school principal and love interest Claire Fletcher (Lauren Graham) right behind him, having followed the chase when she saw it pass by the school. Wolfe, aided by Gary the duck, distracts Mr. Chun, and Claire knocks him unconscious.

As Wolfe and Claire watch the performance, it's revealed that Wolfe has retired from the Navy and is now the new wrestling coach at the high school, now that Murney has "found his true calling". Murney is shown briefly on stage, where he is singing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" off-key while dressed in a nun's habit.


  • Vin Diesel as Lieutenant Shane Wolfe, United States Navy SEAL
  • Faith Ford as Julie Plummer
  • Lauren Graham as Claire Fletcher, the principal of the Plummer children’s school, formerly in the Navy
  • Brittany Snow as Zoe Plummer, the eldest of the children; she is sixteen years old and a typical teenage cheerleader girl, she seems to have a crush on Brian
  • Max Thieriot as Seth Plummer, the second oldest child. He is thirteen years old and a sullen teenage boy
  • Morgan York as Lulu Plummer, the middle child and is ten years old.
  • Kegan and Logan Hoover as Peter Plummer, the second youngest; he is three years old and can only go to sleep when someone sings the "Peter Panda" song
  • Bo and Luke Vink as Baby Tyler Plummer, the youngest; a seven-month-old infant
  • Chris Potter as Captain Bill Fawcett, Wolfe's commanding officer
  • Carol Kane as Helga, the children’s Romanian nanny
  • Brad Garrett as Vice Principal Dwayne Murney, the school's deep voiced vice-principal and wrestling coach
  • Tate Donovan as Howard Plummer, a professor who develops "GHOST”
  • Dennis Akayama and Mung-Ling Tsui as Mr. and Mrs. Chun, villainous North Korean spies looking for "GHOST"
  • Scott Thompson as the director of a local production of The Sound of Music


No. Title Writer(s) Original artist(s) Length
1. "Everyday Superhero"   Greg Camp, Jeff Barry Smash Mouth 3:28
2. "Saturday Night"   Ozomatli, J. Smith-Freeman Ozomatli 3:59
3. "We Will Rock You"   Brian May Queen 2:01
4. "The Anthem"   Benji Madden, Joel Madden, John Feldman Good Charlotte 2:55
5. "Skip to My Lou"   Traditional Larry Groce and Disneyland Children's Sing-Along Chorus  
6. "The Power"   Benito Benites, John "Virgo" Garrett III, Toni C. Snap! 3:47
7. "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" (The Sound of Music) Rodgers and Hammerstein Daniel Truhitte, Charmian Carr  
8. "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" (The Sound of Music) Rodgers and Hammerstein Shirley Bassey  
9. "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (Instrumental theme song of the movie with the same name) Ennio Morricone Bruno Nicolai & Unione Musicisti di Roma 2:45


Critical response[edit]

The film received generally negative reviews. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 20% based on reviews from 128 critics. The site's consensus is "Vin Diesel parodies his tough guy image for the family audience, but the result is only moderately amusing."[2] Metacritic gives a rating of 30% based on reviews from 27 critics.[3]

Roger Ebert gives the film 2 stars out of 4.[4]

Box Office[edit]

The film opened at #1 in the box office upon its opening weekend with $30,552,694.[5] It would finish to earn 198,636,868 worldwide, making an adequate box office success.[1]


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