The Parching Winds of Somalia

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The Parching Winds of Somalia
Produced by Charles Geshekter
Release dates
Running time
30 minutes
Country Somalia
Language English

The Parching Winds of Somalia (1984) is a documentary film produced by Charles Geshekter.

Subject matter[edit]

The film provides a close look at how the nomadic inhabitants of Somalia have withstood the ravages of a harsh desert environment and the encroachment of European imperial forces by synthesizing knowledge of the past, Muslim practices, and skillful livestock management in a successful fusion of traditional values with modern techniques.[1][2]


The Parching Winds of Somalia features extensive location footage in Somalia, historical photographs, interviews, and contemporary Somali music.[2]


The film is rated ages 14 and up in the United States. It was released on video in 1993 by PBS Video VHS.[1]


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