The Party's Over (film)

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The Party's Over
The Party's Over film poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Guy Hamilton
Produced by Anthony Perry
Written by Marc Behm
Starring Oliver Reed
Clifford David
Ann Lynn
Katherine Woodville
Music by John Barry
Distributed by Monarch Film Corporation (UK)
Allied Artists Pictures (US)
Release dates 22 April 1965
23 March 1966 (US)
Running time 94 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Party's Over is a black-and-white British film directed by Guy Hamilton and starring Oliver Reed. Although filmed in 1963 it had major censorship problems in the UK (caused by scenes of necrophilia) which delayed its release until 1965. It was produced by Anthony Perry with music by John Barry. Guy Hamilton asked for his name to be removed from the credits in protest at the censorship of the film.[1]


Enigmatic young American Melina (Louise Sorel) has fallen in with a group of Chelsea beatniks, catching the attention of the gang's defiant leader Moise (Oliver Reed), but inviting scorn and jealousy from the group's other members including Moise's lover Libby (Ann Lynn). But wild and drunken partying has terrible consequences, and when Melina's fiancee Carson (Clifford David) begins investigating, the shocking truth is revealed.



The film was submitted to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) in March 1963. John Trevelyan the Secretary of the Board of the BBFC commented on the film as 'unpleasant, tasteless and rather offensive'. The BBFC requested three different rounds of cuts before granting an X certificate and allowing the film to finally reach cinemas in the UK in 1965. Two major changes were now included: a voiceover by Oliver Reed and a happier ending was tacked on focusing on Melinda and Carson.

Director Guy Hamilton, along with the producer and executive producer, all removed their names from the credits in protest.[2]

DVD & Blu-ray Release[edit]

The Party's Over was released on Dual Format Edition in the UK as part of the BFI's Flipside series.[3]


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