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The Patriot is a newspaper of Stony Brook University. Founded in 2004, The Patriot serves to offer an alternative voice to an otherwise liberal campus environment. Articles in The Patriot tend to focus on conservative and libertarian issues. The Patriot is a publication of the Enduring Freedom Alliance,[1] a student club funded by the Undergraduate Student Government at Stony Brook University.

Origin (2004)[edit]

The first Editor-in-Chief of The Patriot was Erik Berte, now a Web Producer for the FOX Business Network. Former staff writer Jason Frank got in at the ground level as well, beginning as a staff writer but eventually holding the positions of Public Relations Manager and Opinions Editor before rising to Senior Editor by his third year. Jason Frank was the first executive member of The Patriot pursuing a degree in journalism; and after disagreements with the new leadership around him, he decided to resign his position. Following Berte's graduation and subsequent resignation from The Patriot, he appointed the second Editor-in-Chief, Alexander Chamessian. Chamessian brought a new element to The Patriot, being the first science-related major to hold an executive position on the newspaper.

Special events[edit]

In lieu of the "Tea Party" phenomenon being forced upon the nation by Fox News, Mordente decided to organize a protest on Stony Brook's campus with the club. With the help of other club members, including Dan Rubin and Zach Kurtz and nobody else, the protest involved handing out political fliers with tea-bags attached to them as well as a guillotine made of scrap wood which tried to behead in effigy a cardboard representation of the Stimulus Bill. But the event ended with the representation of the Stimulus Bill intact and the guillotine in pieces, since it was too big to carry around all day, an unfortunate but accurate representation of reality.

The Stony Brook College Democrats also held an event at the same time, offering students cups, hot water, honey and more so students could actually enjoy the tea provided by The Patriot rather than carrying around useless tea bags all day. The event, held on April 15, 2009 (Tax Day), was registered with TaxDayCoalition,[2] a national organizer of " Tea Parties". The event was also covered by one of Stony Brook's other newspapers, the Stony Brook Independent.