The Peace & Freedom Band

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The Peace & Freedom Band
A photograph of The Peace & Freedom Band in 1989 - Andrew Savage (top left), Poseidon (top right), Paul Rance (front).
The Peace & Freedom Band in 1989; Andrew Savage, top left, Poseidon, top right, Paul Rance, front.
Background information
Also known as P&F Band
Genres Rock and roll, Post-punk
Years active 1986- 2000
Associated acts Peter Gibbs, Hayley Tagg, Andi Xport
Members Poseidon, Paul Rance, Andrew Savage

The Peace & Freedom Band were a British group, formed in 1986, by two underground poets - Luton-born Paul Rance, and Poseidon.

The band drew their name from Peace & Freedom magazine - which was then a music and poetry fanzine edited by Rance, and later photocopied by Poseidon. The Peace & Freedom Band, often called the P&F Band, have produced seven albums of varying quality. Their last album being the CD, Earth, in 2000. In 2008, the band's first new song for 8 years, "Earth R.I.P. - Or?..." was released as a free download. The band was formed between during 1984-1985. when fellow poets Poseidon and Rance, decided to adapt their poetry into lyrics to songs, adding music to it, as well as that of Croydon artist, Peter Gibbs, and Norwich poet and fanzine editor Hayley Tagg. Nothing really came to fruition, until Poseidon and Rance put out a rough demo in 1986 of their own work and acoustic recordings of traditional folk songs.

Early underground days[edit]

The Peace & Freedom Band were a group who were steeped in the punk ethos.

Their first album, Life, came out in 1988, and was helped by ex-APF Brigade member Andi Xport joining as an auxiliary member, contributing his musical talent to Rance's poems, "Nature" and "30th Century", and doing a lot of the production.

Burnley poet Andrew Savage joined later in 1988, and had gained some national fame by posing nude in a jacuzzi, reciting poetry (with some other poets), which was published in The Daily Mirror. Savage inspired the band's next album, Carry On Taping, which was partially produced by Xport later in 1988.

Secret Joinery, released in 1989, was a collection drawing from a collection of old and new P&F Band songs, including "Hayley's Tum", "Chicken Liberation Song", "Find Myself A Girl", and "Psycho Somatic Song". Their next album, Is God A Dropout? followed the next year.

The Poll Tax was to inspire the band's next album in 1991. Rance, Poseidon, and Savage were fierce critics, and Rance was given a summons, and threatened with arrest. Savage suggested a concept album about the poll tax, with a character called "Cedric" being a victim who turns the tables on the establishment. The album was named after the Cedric character.

Savage became busy with publishing his tape magazine, Super Trouper, which featured music and poetry, and Rance and Poseidon continued to work on the Peace & Freedom magazine, including launching another title, 'Eastern Rainbow', while publishing paperback anthologies of poetry. In the mid-1990s Rance dabbled briefly with satire in his writing. At the time, he began dating Fay Dickinson, a writer for The News Huddlines and Week Ending. Later he had some comedic material aired on the Danny Baker-hosted soccer show on Talk Radio, claiming to be an anti-Radiohead, and a pro-Jefferson Airplane fan.

1997's Universal Love followed. During this time, Savage married Tracey, and became a father twice over in 1998 and 1999. He also appeared on the Channel 4 sports show Under The Moon, with a comedy song about the World Cup.

In 2000, the band released an album, entitled Earth, in 2000. Rance with his The Warden Hills Walkers, and Savage with his Space Dentists, also produced solo CDs through

Earth R.I.P. - Or?...[edit]

The band had been quiet for a few years, until the release in 2008 of Earth R.I.P. - Or?..., with Rance (now sometimes known as Sticky Banana) coming to terms with the sudden death of his father, the photographer Peter Rance, and Andrew Savage turned toward teaching, changing his name to Angelo Gravity. Andy Xport has released a number of new songs in recent years, including his 2008 CD, Still Shakin' The Bush Boss! In 2012, Paul Rance's Mother, Thelma, died. Rance authored a book, Mother Becomes Stardust, dealing with love, bravery and coping with loss.


  • Life (1988)
  • Carry On Taping (1988)
  • Secret Joinery (1989)
  • Is God A Dropout? (1990)
  • Cedric (1991)
  • Universal Love (1997)
  • Earth (2000)
  • Earth R.I.P. - Or?...


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