The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story

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The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story
DVD cover of The Perfect Husband.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Roger Young
Written by Dave Erickson
Starring Dean Cain
Sarah Brown
Tracy Middendorf
Distributed by USA Network
Release dates February 13, 2004
Running time 84 min.

The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story is a 2004 TV movie based on the life of Laci Peterson that stars Dean Cain, Sarah Brown, Tracy Middendorf and Tom O'Brien.


The film is told through the perspectives of Scott and Laci Peterson's friends, who trusted and supported Scott until they could not believe him anymore.

Laci Peterson was a pregnant mother-to-be. On Christmas Eve, 2002, she disappeared. Her husband Scott Peterson (Dean Cain), and her family go out to search for Laci, but there are no signs of her anywhere. Months go by, but the media and the public begin to suspect that Scott murdered his wife. The Rocha family support and defend Scott, until Scott's mistress Amber Frey (Tracy Middendorf) comes forward at a press conference and admits to an affair with Scott. The Rochas start to doubt Scott's innocence, especially Laci's mother, Sharon (Dee Wallace), who had always believed Scott to be the perfect husband. Finally, the Rocha family publicly announce that they are against Scott.

In April, 2003, the body of Laci and Scott's unborn son washed up on shore: the remains of a torso later identified as Laci washed up a few miles away from the baby's remains, and the two were officially declared murdered. Scott was arrested.



The film was released on Region 1 DVD on June 8, 2004 through Sony Pictures and is rated PG-13. Widescreen format, with subtitles in English, Spanish, French and Thai.

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