The Phoenix Project: Shifting from Oil to Hydrogen

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The Phoenix Project: Shifting from Oil To Hydrogen The original idea was to Develop huge tracts of the Southwestern Desert into Vast Solar Hydrogen Generation facilities, reaching proportions eventually allowing World-wide export of Hydrogen and transformation of the desolate desert-scape into a Saudi Arabian-like energy production sector, except the Product was to be Hydrogen, Limitless, Clean, Non-polluting. The 360-page book authored by Harry Braun provides a plan for the USA to shift from oil and other fossil and nuclear fuels to Solar powered hydrogen production systems by 2020. From a technology perspective, Solar Power Generation Machinery, is not only proven effective, long term (Concentrating, Parabolic Tracking Solar Collectors of all designs) they are also no more difficult to manufacture than automobiles, which is why they could have been mass-produced for large-scale hydrogen production, as far back as the 1920s. Making Hydrogen from Solar and or / Wind energy and water is In Fact; the Ultimate "Silver Bullet" that can make the United States of America energy independent of all fossil and nuclear fuels and any importation from Foreign sources. Indeed, it is the ONLY energy option that is completely pollution-free, carbon-free and can truly displace all fossil and nuclear fuels worldwide, forever because it is completely renewable, limitless it never runs out. Hydrogen is the Most Prevelent Element in the Universe, as such, Wars over finite resources would cease to have purpose. Every green plant on the earth is a solar hydrogen machine that extracts hydrogen from water (H20) with the energy of the sun. Rather than waiting for fuel cells or hybrid vehicles, the Phoenix Project advocates simply modifying every existing vehicle (and power plant) to use hydrogen, NOW, HYDROGEN TODAY.