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The Pickwick Papers is a twelve-part BBC adaption of The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, first broadcast in 1985. It starred Nigel Stock, Alan Parnaby, Clive Swift and Patrick Malahide, with narration spoken by Ray Brooks.

Central characters[edit]

  • Nigel Stock as Samuel Pickwick – the main protagonist and founder of the Pickwick Club.
  • Jeremy Nicholas as Mr. Nathaniel Winkle – travelling companion and friend of Pickwick's; a reluctant sportsman
  • Alan Parnaby as Mr. Augustus Snodgrass – another companion and friend; an amiable poet.
  • Clive Swift as Mr. Tracy Tupman – another friend; a very flirtatious man
  • Phil Daniels as Sam Weller – Mr. Pickwick's valet
  • Howard Lang as Tony Weller – Sam's father; does not really know if his name is written as Veller or Weller
  • Patrick Malahide as Mr. Alfred Jingle – a strolling player, and a charlatan
  • Colin Douglas as Mr. Wardle – friend of Pickwick's, a widower with two daughters
  • Milton Johns as Mr. Perker – Pickwick's lawyer
  • Pip Donaghy as Job Trotter – Jingle's servant
  • Jo Kendall as Mrs. Bardell – Pickwick's landlady

Other characters[edit]

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