The Pig and the Box

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The cover of The Pig and the Box by MCM

The Pig and the Box is a children's book written and drawn by a Canadian writer, producer and programmer known as "MCM".

Written in July 2006, The Pig and the Box is a book about the negative sides of DRM, written as a reaction to Access Copyright's Captain Copyright campaign directed at kids.

The Pig and the Box is public domain.[1] It was made popular by posts on Boing Boing and Digg and it took only a few days before volunteers had translated the story into German, Chinese, Danish and Italian. To date it has also been translated into French, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Russian and Swedish.

Grisen og Kassen, Norwegian edition

Version 2[edit]

In January 2009 The Pig in a Box entered a second printing. The second printing featured a new cover and language approved, or changed to be less edgy, for children. For example, “He nearly peed his pants” was changed to “He nearly danced like an orang-utan.”

Characters in order of appearance[edit]

  • Pig
  • The crazy squirrel
  • Duck
  • Bunny
  • Maurice


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