The Plague (magazine)

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The Plague
Founded 1978
Headquarters NYU Kimmel Center
7th Floor Publication Lab
2011-2012 Officers
President Karl Heiland
Vice President Michael Abraham
Secretary Gilbert Shi
Treasurer Colette Porter

The Plague is New York University's campus comedy magazine. It was founded in 1978 by Howard Ostrowsky along with Amy Burns, John Rawlins, Joe Pinto and Dan Fiorella (among others), and is currently published once per semester.

Like many college humor magazines, The Plague often pokes fun at popular culture as well as campus life and the idiosyncrasies of New York University. The magazine's office is located in the Kimmel Center where the student staff writes and lays out the magazine.

Material from recent issues has been highlighted in Page Six of the New York Post.[1]

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