The Plucky Duck Show

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The Plucky Duck Show
Genre Saturday morning cartoon
Created by Tom Ruegger
Directed by Rich Arons
Voices of Joe Alaskey
Don Messick
Charlie Adler
Tress MacNeille
Gail Matthius
Cree Summer
Frank Welker
John Kassir (1 episode)
Theme music composer Bruce Broughton
Composer(s) Richard Stone
Julie Bernstein
Steve Bernstein
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Steven Spielberg
Producer(s) Tom Ruegger
Sherri Stoner
Running time 30 min.
Original channel Fox Broadcasting Company (Fox Kids)
Original run September 19, 1992 – December 12, 1992

Steven Spielberg Presents The Plucky Duck Show, usually referred to as The Plucky Duck Show, is an animated television series created by Warner Bros. It was a short-lived spin-off of Tiny Toon Adventures, the first collaboration between Steven Spielberg and the newly reborn Warner Bros. Animation studio, but concentrating attention mainly on Plucky Duck. The show ran for thirteen episodes from September to December 1992.

Of the thirteen episodes, only the first one (entitled "Return of Batduck" in homage to the then-new movie Batman Returns) was original to the series. All remaining episodes of the show were compilations of shorts produced for Tiny Toon Adventures, though some of the shorts were aired on The Plucky Duck Show first.

The theme song for the show is a rendition of the Tiny Toon Adventures theme, set to the same music, but with Plucky himself as the subject of the song. Some of the lyrics were reused in the Tiny Toon Adventures' episode, "It's A Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special".

After the show was canceled, the Batduck episode was edited somewhat and added in as an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. The show's formula was attempted again several years later when the supporting characters from Animaniacs and Freakazoid (Steven Spielberg's next collaboration with Warner Bros. Animation), Pinky and the Brain were also given their own show (PATB had better results, lasting 65 episodes, all of which were completely original to the series and not compilations of shorts produced for Animaniacs).


No. Cartoon(s) Original air date
1 "The Return of Batduck" September 19, 1992
  • The Return of Batduck: Plucky returns to his role as Batduck to star in a new movie. (Only episode with John Kassir as Buster)
2 "Ducklahoma / Video Game Blues / Yakety Yak / Party Crasher Plucky" September 26, 1992
  • Ducklahoma: Actually an edited version of the cartoon, which is a spoof of Oklahoma!
  • Video Game Blues: A musical number in which Plucky sings about his addiction to video games; set to music from The Nutcracker.
  • Yakety Yak: A "music video" set to the song Yakety Yak.
  • Party Crasher Plucky: Plucky crashes a celebrity party, and brings Shirley the Loon with him.
3 "Minister Golf / Particle Man / Istanbul / My Brilliant Revenge!" October 3, 1992
  • Minister Golf: A "Baby Plucky" cartoon in which Plucky remembers the first time he played miniature golf.
  • Particle Man: A "music video" set to the song Particle Man.
  • Istanbul: Another "video," set to the They Might Be Giants version of Istanbul.
  • My Brilliant Revenge!: Hamton destroys Plucky's bagpipes in a fit of anger, and Plucky plots a way to get back at Hamton.
4 "Kon Ducki" October 10, 1992
  • Kon Ducki: A feature about Pluck Heyerdahl's voyage on the Kon Ducki (which is a parody of the Kon-Tiki); followed by a "making of" featurette.
5 "Inside Plucky Duck" October 17, 1992

This episode is made up of two shorts:

  • Bat’s All, Folks: Plucky and Hamton star as Batduck and Decoy, a parody of Batman and Robin.
  • Wild Takes Class: Plucky does a cartoon-style take in which he turns into a giant eyeball, but then finds that he's stuck that way.
6 "A Quack In The Quarks" October 24, 1992
  • A Quack In The Quarks: In this spoof of Star Wars films, aliens choose Plucky to defend their world against a Darth Vader-style villain.
7 "A Ditch In Time" October 31, 1992
  • A Ditch In Time: Plucky builds a time machine so that he can go back a few days and finish his homework on time, but ends up traveling to prehistoric days.
8 "Going Up / Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Even / Never Too Late To Loon" November 7, 1992
  • Going Up: A "Baby Plucky" cartoon in which little Plucky is playing with the buttons in an elevator at the shopping mall.
  • Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Even: Hamton loses his father's bottle cap collection to Plucky, and he's afraid to face his father.
  • Never Too Late To Loon: Afraid of failing a math test, Plucky asks his psychic girlfriend Shirley to give him Albert Einstein's brain.
9 "Just-Us League of Supertoons / A Bacon Strip / Migrant Mallard" November 14, 1992
  • Just-Us League of Supertoons: Batduck and Decoy try to join the Just-Us League (a parody of the Justice League).
  • A Bacon Strip: After skinny-dipping in Max's pool, naked Hamton tries to get home without being seen.
  • Migrant Mallard: Unable to fight his instincts, Plucky flies south for the winter against his will.
10 "Hollywood Plucky" November 21, 1992
  • Hollywood Plucky: Plucky, accompanied by Hamton, goes to Hollywood to try to sell his movie script.
11 "The Potty Years / Milk, It Makes A Body Spout / The Anvil Chorus" November 28, 1992
  • The Potty Years: The first "Baby Plucky" cartoon, in which Plucky remembers his potty training.
  • Milk, It Makes A Body Spout: Buster and Plucky have a contest to see who can make Hamton laugh hard enough to shoot the milk he's drinking out of his nose.
  • The Anvil Chorus: An orchestra plays the Anvil Chorus while Plucky tries to avoid the falling anvils that are crashing down around him.
12 "Slugfest / Duck Dodgers Jr. / Duck Trek" December 5, 1992
  • Slugfest: In this satire of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Plucky and Hamton dress up as Plucky's cartoon heroes, the Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs.
  • Duck Dodgers Jr.: Plucky is Duck Dodgers' sidekick as Dodgers once again faces off against Marvin.
  • Duck Trek: A parody of Star Trek, featuring Plucky in the role of Captain Kirk.
13 "Best O’ Plucky Duck Day" December 12, 1992

An episode of Tiny Toons consisting of the following Plucky Duck shorts:

  • One Minute ’Til Three: Plucky is anxiously waiting for the class to end, and hoping to avoid getting stuck with a weekend assignment.
  • Sticky Feathers Duck: Plucky and Hamton steal a candy bar, and it weighs on their consciences.
  • Duck In The Dark: Plucky sleeps over at Buster's house, but stays up late watching horror movies, causing him to have nightmares.

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