The Political Machine (series)

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The Political Machine
Genres Government simulation
Developers Stardock
Publishers Ubisoft
Creators Stardock
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Platform of origin Microsoft Windows
First release The Political Machine
August 10, 2004
Latest release The Political Machine 2012
July 31, 2012
Official website Official website

The Political Machine is a government simulation game series from Stardock, in which the player leads a campaign to elect the President of the United States. The player accomplishes this goal by traveling from state to state and engaging in a variety of activities to either raise money or raise poll numbers.


The Political Machine[edit]

Main article: The Political Machine

The Political Machine, the first in the series.

The Political Machine 2008[edit]

The Political Machine 2008, the second in the series.

The Political Machine 2012[edit]

The Political Machine 2012, the third in the series.

Candidates and characters[edit]

Only 10 candidates have appeared in all three games in the series. They are: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton (with the latter three being the only ones who don't need to be unlocked in 2012).

Presidential order, alphabetical order (non-Presidents)

Character Released games
The Political Machine The Political Machine 2008 The Political Machine 2012
George Washington Playable
(v1.02 update)
Thomas Jefferson Playable
(v1.02 update)
Abraham Lincoln Playable
(v1.02 update)
Theodore Roosevelt Playable
(v1.02 update)
Richard Nixon Playable
(v1.02 update)
Ronald Reagan Playable
(v1.02 update)
Bill Clinton Playable Playable
(v1.02 update)
Al Gore Playable
John Kerry Playable
Hillary Clinton Playable
Ulysses S. Grant Playable
Woodrow Wilson Playable
Lyndon B. Johnson Playable
Jimmy Carter Playable
George W. Bush Playable  
Dick Cheney Playable  
John Edwards Playable  
Bill Richardson Playable  
John F. Kennedy   Playable
(v1.02 update)
Barack Obama   Playable
Joe Biden   Playable
Dennis Kucinich   Playable
Sarah Palin   Playable
Ron Paul   Playable
Mitt Romney   Playable
William Taft Playable
Franklin D. Roosevelt Playable
Gerald Ford Playable
George H. W. Bush Playable  
Barbara Bush Playable  
Laura Bush Playable  
Wesley Clark Playable  
Mike Forbes Playable  
Dick Gephardt Playable  
Jeffory Jackson Playable  
Bill Mason Playable  
Condoleezza Rice Playable  
Arnold Schwarzenegger Playable  
Chloe Sullivan Playable  
Tom Vilsack Playable  
Rudy Giuliani   Playable  
Mike Gravel   Playable
Mike Huckabee   Playable
Lona Kona   Playable  
John McCain   Playable  
Michele Bachmann   Playable
Al Franken   Playable
Newt Gingrich   Playable
John Huntsman   Playable
Michelle Obama   Playable
Nancy Pelosi   Playable
Rick Perry   Playable
Marco Rubio   Playable
Rick Santorum   Playable


Aggregate review scores
As of September 24, 2012.
Game GameRankings Metacritic
The Political Machine 71.79%[1] 72[2]
The Political Machine 2008 75.75%[3] 73[4]
The Political Machine 2012 62.86%[5] 59[6]
Series Average 70.13% 68


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