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The Press were one of the first Oi! bands in the United States. Formed in New York City in 1984, the outspoken anti-fascist band was associated with Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice, of which their singer, André Schlesinger, was an early member. Schlesinger also supported the views of the British Socialist Workers Party, and this was reflected in some of the band's lyrics. Their songs appeared on several compilation albums, as well as in a full CD collection of their recordings called The Complete Press: 1984-1994, released by Insurgence Records with liner notes by Garry Bushell. Their song "21 Guitar Salute" has been covered by Dropkick Murphys.

Former members[edit]

  • André Schlesinger: lead vocals, guitar
  • J. Christopher Noone: vocals, guitar
  • John Monahan: vocals, guitar
  • Mike Alba: guitar
  • Gideon Greenburg: bass
  • James Marshall: vocals, bass
  • J. Pontell: vocals, guitar, bass
  • Pete Parneros: drums
  • Bob "Dextrose" Rodrigues: vocals, drums
  • Tom Hamilton: drums
  • Leon the Hippy: drums
  • "Baby Aqua": saxophone (one show)

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • New York Beat: Hit And Run, 1986, Moon Records (released in Europe by Oi! Records as Skaville USA)
  • Skins 'N' Punks Volume 5 (split EP with The Radicts), 1987, Oi! Records
  • Oi! Skampilation Vol. No. 1, 1995, Radical Records
  • The Best of Oi! Records, 1997, Oi! Records



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