The Prophecy II

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The Prophecy II
The Prophecy II DVD cover
Directed by Greg Spence
Produced by Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Gregory Widen
Robert Little
Matt Greenberg
Joel Soisson
W.K. Border
Written by Gregory Widen (characters)
Matt Greenberg
Greg Spence
Starring Christopher Walken
Russell Wong
Jennifer Beals
Brittany Murphy
Eric Roberts
Glenn Danzig
Music by David C. Williams
Dennis Michael Tenney
Cinematography Richard Clabaugh
Edited by Ivan Ladizinsky
Distributed by Buena Vista Home Video
Dimension Films
Release dates January 20, 1998
Running time 87 minutes
Country United States
Language English/German

The Prophecy II is a fantasy horrorthriller film and the second motion picture (of five) in The Prophecy series. Christopher Walken and Steve Hytner reprise their roles as the Archangel Gabriel and the coroner Joseph, respectively. It was written by Greg Spence and Matthew Greenberg, and directed by Greg Spence.


A mysterious robed figure brings Gabriel back from hell to Earth. His new mission is to prevent the birth of a child, a nephilim, the offspring of an angel and a human. The coming of this child, said to precede reconciliation between the warring factions in heaven, has been prophesied by Thomas Daggett, now a monk. The child's conception takes place when Valerie, a nurse, is seduced by an attractive stranger (the angel Danyael) whom she hit with her car. She finds a few days later that she is pregnant.

Gabriel attempts to find the whereabouts of the child from Daggett, but kills him when he refuses to help. When Danyael kills members of Gabriel's army of angels, Gabriel instead employs the assistance of a teenage girl (Izzy) who has just committed suicide. Gabriel keeps her alive to help him in his search for Valerie (despite his powers as an angel, he is completely naive about technology, and is unable to drive a car or work a computer and has her use her computer skills to find her and drive him around).

Gabriel's war against Danyael and the other angels climaxes in a battle in Eden, now an industrial wasteland. Danyael is killed, but Valerie defeats Gabriel by seizing him and jumping from a building, confident that God will protect her as He told her He would (she reveals that Gabriel is unable to hear His voice as he simply does not listen); she is indeed unharmed, but Gabriel is impaled on a spike. As punishment, Gabriel is turned into a human by Michael. Valerie raises the child by herself, accepting the risk that the angels may come for her. The film ends with Gabriel as a derelict; a face in the sky and ominous clouds show that the war in heaven is not over.



The Filming began in November 1996 until December 1996


In 1998, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films rated the film as "The Year's Most Suspenseful Thriller" and Cinefantastique praises the film for being "Intense…Action Packed! Walken Steals the Show!"


The film follows The Prophecy (1995). The film is followed by The Prophecy 3: The Ascent, The Prophecy: Uprising (2005), and The Prophecy: Forsaken (2005).

Home video[edit]

Several of the The Prophecy sequel films including this film have been released direct-to-DVD.


The film score by David C. Williams was released on Perseverance Records September 19, 2006.

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