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The Provenance was a gothic metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, signed to Scarlet Records until 2005, when they moved to Peaceville Records. The band seldom conformed to a single style of music, quoting themselves as 'experimental Rock/Metal/Goth'. Their lyrical themes covered a range of topics such as love, frustration, sadness and personal struggle, as well as hope in finding beauty in a bleak world. The band was always keen to try new ideas, stating that they believed "that music shall be created via lust, curiosity and joy".[1] The Provenance ran from 1995 to December 2008, where the band announced on their MySpace page that a mutual decision to split up had taken place:

"We all felt it would be wrong to continue our musical endeavors within a concept that sadly grew tired and weary to us...We thought it better to call it quits while we were at our peak rather than push forward making a new album that would undoubtedly have lowered the flag at half staff." [2]

The band released a series of demos, followed by four full-length studio albums, one of which released a single. Their last album, Red Flags, received good reviews from critics, and was called 'harrowingly seductive' by Terrorizer Magazine.[3] A track from Red Flags called 'At The Barricades' was featured on the Metal Hammer Peaceville Records promo sampler in 2006.


Emma Hellström - Vocals, Flute, Keyboard
Tobias Martinsson - Vocals, Guitars
Joakim Rosén - Lead guitar
Jonnie Täll - Bass
Joel Lindell - Drums, lyrics


Requiem of Mankind - Demo, 1996
Endless Confinement - Demo, 1997
A Prologue - Demo, 1998
Opus Debris - Demo, 1998
Fervent Regression - Demo, 1999
25th Hour; Bleeding - Full-length, 2001
Still at Arms Length - Full-length, 2002
How Would You Like to Be Spat At - Full-length, 2005
Second And Last, But Not Always - Single, 2006
Red Flags - Full-length, 2006[4]

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