The Public (play)

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The Public
Written by Federico García Lorca
Characters Director Enrique
Four White Horses
First Man Gonzalo
Second Man
Third Man
Fourth Man
Vine Leaves
First Boy
Black Horse
Pierrot Costume
Ballerina Costume
Pyjama Costume
Male Nurse
Naked Man
Five Students
Three Ladies
Second Boy
Two Thieves
Idiot Shepherd
Lady in Black Gonzalo's Mother
Date premiered 15 February 1978 (1978-02-15)[1]
Place premiered University of Puerto Rico[1]
Original language Spanish
Setting The Director's room, A Roman Ruin

The Public (El público), also known as The Audience, is a play by the twentieth-century Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca.[2] It was written between 1929 and 1930, but remained unpublished until 1978 and did not receive its first professional theatrical production until 1986.[3] The world premiere of the play was directed by Victoria Espinosa on 15 February 1978 at the University of Puerto Rico.[1]

Production History[edit]

The Public was first presented at the University of Puerto Rico on 15 February 1978, where it was directed by Victoria Espinosa. A translated version by Henry Livings (in consultation with the director/designer, Ultz) was first performed on 3 October 1988 at the Theatre Royal Stratford East.


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