The Pull

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"The Pull"
Sons of Anarchy episode
SOA-The Pull.jpg
Jax holding Abel for the first time.
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 8
Directed by Guy Ferland
Written by Kurt Sutter
Jack LoGiudice
Production code 1WAB07
Original air date October 22, 2008 (2008-10-22)
Running time 45 minutes
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Old Bones"
Next →
"Hell Followed"
Episode chronology

"The Pull" is the eighth episode of the FX television series Sons of Anarchy. It was written by Kurt Sutter and Jack LoGiudice, directed by Guy Ferland and originally aired on October 22, 2008.

The title of the episode refers to the gathering of money the episode is centered on, and also refers to Jax and Tara acting upon their attraction to each other. The season three episode titled The Push is also named after a significant event in Jax and Tara's relationship.


Darby receives an envelope from Kohn at his home. He opens it and finds a file on SAMCRO's dealings with the True IRA. He then sets up a meeting with Alvarez outside town. He offers to give him the info on the IRA gun connection if the Mayans kill Clay. This would allow the Nordics to gain a foothold in Charming, and the Mayans would take over the gun-running business. Alvarez is hesitant at first, but Darby assures him that law enforcement will not investigate too closely as they will be pleased that criminals are wiping each other out. He then accepts and tells his son, Esai, to kill Clay as well as Darby.

Meanwhile, SAMCRO are slowly but surely getting enough money together to buy another shipment of weapons. A sizeable portion of the $70,000 needed comes from an unwilling Luann Delaney, who runs the successful CaraCara pornographic film studio. She is also the wife of Otto and Gemma's best friend. The rest of the money arrives later that day when Jax comes across a truck driver badly beaten on the highway. He says that the Nordics beat him up and took his truck and tanker full of diesel because he owes money to them. Jax and Opie then hijack the truck back from the Nords and sell it to Wayne Unser and his trucking company for a knock-down price.

Half-Sack sees an ambulance being left unattended and steals it in a bid to pay back the money he owes, help the club and earn his patch. He drives it back to the clubhouse and proposes the club sell it, but they dismiss the stunt as pointless and unnecessarily risky.

Jax goes to the hospital to visit Abel. Tara tells him that Abel can come out of the incubation chamber and that Jax can hold him for the first time. Gemma also begins to worry that Jax and Tara are renewing their relationship.

With all the money in place, Clay and Tig set up a meeting with Michael McKeavey at a local Irish bar. When they arrive, they are instead met by Cameron Hayes, McKeavey's cousin. He informs them that McKeavey was beaten to death in Oakland on the orders of the port authority boss, Brenan Hefner. The deal goes ahead, nonetheless, and as they raise their drinks to their fallen comrade, two Mayan gunmen come in through the door. They begin firing at Clay but are gunned down by Tig and the shotgun-toting barman. Cameron is not so lucky, however, and is shot in the buttocks. Simultaneously, the Mayans assault Darby's suburban home but fail to kill him, also. They break in and shoot a Nord footsoldier and two women, but Darby hides and escapes death while the Mayans flee.

The Sons quickly work out that the Mayans and Nordics are allied, and that war is imminent. However, Clay and Tig are worried about Jax's commitment to a gang war. Jax assures them that he is fully committed to the club, but also voices his worries over violence destroying the club. Clay also decides to call in the Sons of Anarchy State Presidents and Vice-Presidents from Washington, Utah and Nevada, in a bid to wipe out the Mayans.

The ambulance that Half-Sack stole is used to bring Cameron to the clubhouse for medical treatment. Jax says he will get medical supplies and equipment from Tara while Chibs, a former British Army medic, says he will perform the surgery to remove the bullet.

Jax then goes to Tara's house to pick up the medical supplies. But after he leaves, Kohn emerges from the bathroom to Tara's shock. He intimidates her into having sex and she plays along. At the earliest opportunity, she reaches for his gun and shoots him in the stomach. She then calls Jax for help. When he arrives, he explains to Tara that Kohn will go to prison for this attack but he will probably come back when he is released. However, when the injured Kohn taunts Tara by saying "once a biker slut, always a..." Jax shoots him in the head with his own gun. Tara and Jax then embrace and make love while Kohn's iPod plays the Andy Williams song "Can't Get Used to Losing You" again and again. Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse, Tig and Opie prepare the club for war by gathering weapons.



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